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About the paintings

The images originate from an idea. The idea leads to the elaboration of the different stages of expression.

The “original” is the idea; this “original” cannot be sold nor bought.

In the process of creation photos are used, from the artist’s stock of photos as well as images found by googling. These come from other “streams of ideas” and enrich the “original”. In the process the images are used as “raw material” and lose their “own identity” in the alchemical digital process; through this amalgamation they become a new element in the composition. This is the second stage of creation.

The digitally created intermediary image is printed out on watercolour paper, and the artist paints on it with different kinds of colours, mainly crayons. This paper version is the third stage; it is scanned in a high resolution mode for further processing.

The scanned image is improved by removing the artefacts and doing minor changes with the details; sometimes a layer with new elements is added. The colours are modulated in brightness and intensity to increase the luminosity. Then the image is printed with an inkjet printer on photo paper and further modified digitally until the prints have gained the optimum quality. 

In a sense this digital version is “the original”. It can be distributed endlessly without losing its originality. These originals are made available in different grades of resolution. Each on is an “original expression” in the “image and likeness” of “the original”. 

The digital data are further processed by a print-shop to produce images in A2 format (42x59.4cm). They have been tested by the artist for maximum quality and luminosity. They are printed on a high quality photo paper, backed on 3mm aluminium dibond plates (with 2-point suspension and 2 spacers) and an UV protection coating. On the backside there is a paper with the title of the image and a description by the artist about the symbolism of the image and how it came about. The image is signed by the artist, confirming it as an original.
This version can be acquired. It is the original in the sense of being a most precise expression of the artist’s work. 

However, it is not just one original or a limited edition. It is the artist’s intention to keep these originals available for the future and thus unlimited. Even after his death they can be produced as originals. This corresponds to the Aquarian energies which are expressed in the paintings and which cannot be captured by buying to limit them to “one original masterpiece” as the art market is used to have it.

The original is the expression of the idea and reflects in all stages.