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Images of Synthesis. 2009 -

For 19 years, after the end of the "Early Paintings" in 1990, I didn't paint anything. I did some sketches along the themes of esoteric astrology, but they were clumsy. I felt I would never paint again. The creative streak was frozen, hidden under a veil deep within.

It needed a deep and long crisis, which broke out in the beginning of 2009, to tear a rent into the veil. There were inner pains going on for months, like a continuous dissonant tone. In summer 2009, thoughts dropped in through the hole in the veil, forming into poems, which I later published online. A young friend, whom I told about the Early Paintings, showed a deep interest in them - the first deep interest I ever encountered till then. I gave her a few of the early silk paintings, and she wrote me feedbacks which touched me deeply. For me, this was like ice melting in the inner. The doors were opened again.

I experienced two intense night inner openings. The first was as if a cork was being removed at the end of my spine, and as if the vertebral column was lying open with energies flowing through and washing the debris away. The experience persisted for a few hours and then I had the feeling of standing on earth without a certain uncertainty which had accompanied me the whole life. The other night experience, one week later, was like opening an inner chamber within me, and I felt like my chest was widening. I had the feeling of being assisted during this process by two close persons holding me and helping me to go through this process. 

Suddenly there was an urge to express these experiences on paper, and so the series “Images of Synthesis" started.

On Friday the 27th of November 2009, I bought paper, colours, and paint-brushes. The next day I started the first painting, not knowing that it was a new beginning.
I started painting on a photo which I had shot some days before. After painting, I scanned the picture, printed it with an ink-jet printer, and worked with the picture again, increasing the brightness of the colours: My new technique was born. I use this technique to this day: Preparing the picture with the computer, printing it out, then painting, then scanning and working again with the picture. 

For me, this has become an alchemical process, where the material aspect gets purified and gains the highest degree of brightness and subtlety I can express on paper. The painting on paper is not the final product. The digital / the printout is the original. The digitalisation allows for reproduction many times with the same standard and quality of the original. So, I can distribute the picture without losing anything. At the same time, the matter-aspect of the picture does not take much place for storing - it has become etheric.

All the pictures are expressions of spiritual principles / realities. I receive them and I give them for free. This principle is not possible with the big prints on aluminium dibond for cost reasons. Therefore, a financial compensation within the scope of the time required for the entire realisation of a painting is charged (10-20 hours) for the big prints, with an hourly rate corresponding to the work. These prints are not unique copies, and in the case of a larger demand, the prices might be adapted. 

The "Images of Synthesis" are also published on www.good-will.ch/images_synthesis_en.html, usually with short extracts of the wisdom teachings of the World Teacher Trust, giving the inspiring idea. The pictures choose their own way of spreading.

March 2013