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Ludger Philips. Image Work

Most of the image work took place in the invisible. For a long time it was part of the parallel existence alongside the external professional identity and combined with the search of the essence. What became visible was mostly dissolved again later. Some came back from the invisible into the visible. The images are only slowly beginning to manifest themselves in a solid form and embark upon their own paths.

Biographical Keywords:

Experiments with mystic visual worlds during worship in churches, generating eidetic images, at the border between inside and outside, generated by physical pressure on the eyes; later tried to paint them

Youth and early adolescence
Rigorous art education at the Urban High School Ahlen (Germany) by Herrmann Schweizer. Fascinated by Vasareli and Dali. Geometric paper works. Dreamy yearnings

Psychedelic journeys, visual explosions generated by substances, trying to realize them in the form of drawings, watercolor, oil paintings. Light projection installations and wall paintings in the parents' basement, woodwork

Years of study 
Beginning to meditate, deepening the experience of inner images.
Wall and window paintings in a flat sharing community on a farm, partly done with fluorescent dyes and UV light. Watercolour and oil paintings with influences of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism (Fuchs, Hundertwasser), pop culture, and JE Millais' Ophelia.

Application to the Art Academy Münster, interview and withdrawal.

until 1980
Semi-transparent images in A6 format with UHU glue as "colour", some done with gold paint on paper and glass. Zen-inspired art / Hokusai Meditation seminars lasting several months / travels into inner visual worlds, some "travel sketches"

Self-published poetry book: "The song of silence. Condensed thoughts and illustrations", Freiburg, with images in gold print on marbled paper (preserved)

From September 1981
After a profound spiritual experience intensive painting activity with "Fiery Paintings" / liquid glazing paint on A4, some with gold paint / fast glue

Presentation of the images at meditation seminars, little understanding and resonance with friends. Start of the early trips to India, intensifying the internal journeys through the study of Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies

1983-4, -1990
Anthroposophic art classes during the training as a Waldorf teacher, Witten-Annen (Germany) until 1990 Paintings on silk, with acryl, liquid glazing paint and panel pictures

Stopping to paint, under the influence of a spiritual group. Beginning of a 19-year break.

Destruction of almost all images (about 100 works) as a detachment from past influences. Most of the images were photographed and conserved in a book, partly as slides. 2003: giving away the photo-book to a friend

Beginning of spiritual photographic works and online works

First restoration and PowerPoint presentation of a selection of the "Fiery Paintings" as "The Song of Fire" to a meditation seminar in Engelberg, Switzerland

Autumn 2009
Online versions (German) (PPS) poems: "Shades of Yous" in 4 parts (Dense Thoughts / Fiery Trails - Encounters / Contours of Encounters / Autumn Light under the Moon Node)

from November 2009
Inner breakthrough in a deep crisis, new start regular working with images (digital and analog) after 19-year break, "Images of Synthesis", publication online and in ink printing, circulation among friends and spiritual network

Online publication of "The Song of Silence" (1980)

October 2011 - March 2012
Digital restoration of all the remaining available photos of the "Fiery Paintings". Online publication with explanatory texts

Autumn 2012
Print of a selection of the "Images of Synthesis" at A2 / A 3

April 2013
Online publication of the images and poems on this website

April 2014
Online publication of "Shades of Yous. Poems", English version

November 2015
Publication of the French and Spanish pages of the website

December 2015 - June 2016
First public exposition of the Images of Synthesis" in the Art Café "Café Bilderbuch", Berlin