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Meditation 1

13 December 1981 A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

This picture tries to express the opening into inner spaces.

The inner experiences I had deeply disturbed my settings of understanding and explanations I had. They did not fit into the concepts I knew. For years, I searched for answers in different teachings and tried to bring an order into questions which deranged my world-view. On a surface level I found theories, but I was stirred up to a deeper search which drove me to dive into different spiritual movements and to try to put missing pieces together.


Meditation 2

17 January 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

Like the first painting of the Meditation series, this picture shows the opening to inner dimensions.

Though I didn't know the "Occult Meditations" by Master EK / Master KPK at that time, the painting reminds me of meditation No 25, where it says, "...In Him verily we live until He opens His eye in us."

The meditator is one with the Eye which is "observing" him, so there is no more observer and observed, just the process of observing. This is expressed through the upward and downward triangles fusing with each other - the human ascending and the Divine descending, and a fiery line anchoring in the head at the Ajna centre on the front. Focussed attention is "shooting upward" and fiery energies are pouring downward.

And while the human eyes are closed, there are in the fusing triangles are wide open, radiating light from beyond.

So there are energy structures, which aren't static, but highly dynamic, in ordered rhythm.


Meditation 3

19 January 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

This is the last painting of the Meditation series. It shows the process of invocation and evocation: The meditator sitting below opens up through his fiery call towards the Divine being, and from the higher circles there comes the response as a downpour of energies of love and light. It is much stronger than what an individual can reach for, and it opens inner spaces which break up the narrow ring-pass-not of the limited consciousness.

You see movements of energy, and at the same time the Divine being in white light appears out of the circumscriptions of golden-yellow light on the background: I painted it by leaving away the colour, just giving the contour. I also used this technique in some other pictures that followed. The meditator, in his etheric frame, appears in golden-yellow light, surrounded by a darker golden-yellow aura.



16 January 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

I was fascinated by the etheric structure of the pyramid and the double pyramid manifesting in space. For me, it was like a portal into another dimension, and at the same time a basic brick of the manifestation of the cosmos. In India, the double pyramid is considered as a form of the Lingam of Lord Shiva, and, when visualised around oneself, as a structure of protection.

“The Infinite Unity, or Ain-Suph, is ever placed outside human thought and appreciation; and in Sepher Jetzirah we see the Spirit of God - the Logos, not the Deity itself - One is the Spirit of the Living God . . Who liveth forever. Voice, Spirit, [of the spirit], and Word: this is the Holy Spirit, [ Mishna, i. 9.] Three-in-one and Four and the Quaternary. From this Cube emanates the whole Kosmos. Says the Secret Doctrine: «It is called to life. The mystic Cube in which rests the Creative Idea, the manifesting Mantra [or articulate speech - Vâch] and the holy Pûrusha [both radiations of prima material] exist in the Eternity in the Divine Substance in their latent state» - during Pralaya.” - Secret Doctrine III<



18 January 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

This painting tries to illustrate how from the Eternal One, which opens like an eye from the beyond, the creation manifests. The down-pouring flames emanate the forms, the quaternary, the pyramid. At the time of painting, I hadn’t yet studied the Secret Doctrine, but found the parallels much later.

“It is in the quaternary that the first solid figure is found, the universal symbol of immortality, the Pyramid, ‘whose first syllable means fire.’ “ - Secret Doctrine III<