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26 June 1987, 48x46 cm, acrylics on chipboard

The picture represents sublime beings of light which might manifest and approach us to bring their blessings.


Sons of Light 1 - Blessing

29 October 1981, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

In this painting you see the triangle with the Divine Eye in the background, surrounded by the waters of space and energies radiating forth. The head of the blessing figure is like the circle coming out of the centre of the eye - the son of light emerging from the divine centre. There is no difference in the colour - it is all fire, just shades of manifestation appearing as forms, being nearly no forms at all. The Son of Light sits in a meditation posture - he is not absorbed, but sheds his blessings to the observer.


Sons of Light 2 - The Five-Pointed Star

05 January 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint and golden colour on paper

This painting shows a white figure in the position of the five-pointed star in a field of golden-yellow-flames and outlined by a golden coloured frame which again radiates flames of gold and golden yellow. Over the head of the figure there is a crown of flames.

At that time, I only vaguely knew the symbolism of this figure, about which Sri K. Parvathi Kumar has often spoken:

In Eastern wisdom, standing in the position of the five-pointed star is called the dragon, the symbol of wisdom, or "Makara", the Sanskrit name for Capricorn, which again symbolises the release of spirit from matter. Man with his five senses has gained purity.

The golden or golden yellow star stands for the heart, whereas the white star full of light is referred to as the "Glorious White Robe", the "Antahkarana Sarira", the Body of Light or the perfect etheric body.


Sons of Light 3 - Meeting

19 January 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

In this painting, you see the triangle transformed into a pyramid. There is no more the central eye, but the Son of Light stepped forth, surrounded by an aura of golden yellow flames. Over his head, there is a crown, sign of the opened head centre, and above that, there are white flames, the fire of the spirit. Around these flames there is the shape of a big drop, symbol of the soul. Here the universal soul expresses through the individual. The cosmic consciousness - symbolised by the seven stars - descends through the pyramid down to earth. In front of the Son of Light, you see a path of white light. It is the lighted path we can walk to approach and meet the Son of Light and to enter into the Light.

In the background you see two radiant eyes with a white centre: You are observing and being observed by the One in the background. The difference between the observer and the observed is only a seeming difference, in reality they are just one.


Sons of Light 4 - The Cosmic Christ

29 January 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

This painting shows the white figure of Christ in a blessing position. He emerges from the flames of the surrounding fiery aura. And there is an aura of white light surrounding his upper half, from where the form of the cross appears. It is not a position of suffering on the cross, but of the cross of matter transformed into the light structure of the horizontal and vertical dimensions of material incarnation. You might compare it to the painting of the Birth of Christ - The Logos, reminding of the sacrifice of the Cosmic Man, Purusha, to manifest the planes of creation.

There is no face, no structure of the body; it is just light, like the light of the background, having gained form through the circumscribing outlines.


Sons of Light 5 - OM

16 September 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

In this painting, you see the form of the OM symbol emerging from the waters of space, all in radiant flames. Behind the OM, you see a blessing figure in the shape of Sri Satya Sai Baba.

At that time, I just was about to fly to India, on a very short notice, to visit Sai Baba.

The white figure is behind the OM, being the expression from cosmic consciousness. The presence of the universal soul is hinted at through the surrounding aura in the form of a drop.


Sons of Light 7 - Triumph

08 November 1981, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

This painting shows the final victory of Jesus Christ over the death of the physical body, creating a tremendous release of light.

“The words “My God, my Sun, thou hast poured thy radiance upon me,” were the final words that concluded the thanksgiving prayer of the Initiate, “the Son and the glorified Elect of the Sun.” They were pronounced after the terrible trials of Initiation, and were still fresh in the memory of some of the “Fathers” when the Gospel of Matthew was edited into the Greek language.” - Secret Doctrine III


Sons of Light 7 - Fiery Metamorphosis

24 October 1981, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

At this time, I was discovering the existence of the Cosmic Christ in relation to the individuality of Jesus Christ. This painting expresses the release of energy which happened through the transformation Jesus Christ underwent through the crucifixion manifesting most sublime energies onto the physical. The cross, symbol of his initiation, is in connection with the fiery world, and through his body, there is an inpour of light. The elements are in a state of turmoil and the forms, the imprisoned souls, are waiting for their release.

“From the beginning of Humanity the Cross, or Man, with his arms stretched out horizontally, typifying his kosmic origin, was connected with his psychic nature and with the struggles which lead to Initiation.” - Secret Doctrine III


Sons of Light 9 - Self-Giving

10 December 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

The painting shows the self-giving of the lower to the higher self, of the personality to the Divine.

“The ‘harvest of life’ consists of the finest spiritual thoughts, of the memory or the noblest and most unselfish deeds of the personality, and the constant presence during its bliss after death of all those it loved with divine, spiritual devotion. Remember the teaching: The Human Soul, lower Manas, is the only and direct mediator between the personality and the Divine Ego.” - Secret Doctrine III