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1989, acrylics on canvas

I painted this picture in preparation of the birth of our eldest son. My wife wasn't yet pregnant, but we felt the soul around. In this reproduction of the picture you nearly don't recognize the baby in the drop of light, just a slight shape.

It was quite a big picture, approximately 120 x 120 cm.

You see the parents standing on both sides of the new born child, which is surrounded by an aura of light, where from above the soul is infused from Christ, the embodiment of consciousness. So the consciousness gets implanted into the physical matter of the body.

Above the figure of Christ, there is the circle with the triangle and the inner circle from where the light manifests and flows down. It is the triangle of the three Logoi, Will, Love and Light / Intelligence - or the centre sun, the heart of the sun and the physical sun from where the consciousness emerges and descends.

Christ is surrounded by a blue sphere and a white robe. A light blue colour surrounds the centre - it is the colour of the soul. Below the couple and the child you see the form of the moon, representing matter, and below the sphere of the moon you see form, souls bound to matter and waiting to be released. The light falls into these dark spheres and lifts them up.

All around the blue centre you see devas of light, angels giving their blessings. And there are also Masters and their disciples giving their Presence.


Spiritual Hierarchy 6 - The Ascent

August 1987, 171 x 46 cm, acrylics on pressboard

This painting can be seen as part of this series on "Spiritual Hierarchy", but it is also the last of 3 paintings in the same format and technique done in 1987 on the backside of a pressboard of a wardrobe fallen apart ("Shaking" and "Light over the City")

At the bottom of the picture, you see a nuclear plant in red, with a car and people, skyscrapers and the symbol of the Eiffel tower which you also encounter on the two other pictures - symbol of mundane striving towards outer heights. The nuclear plant is a symbol of the threat of modern life - Chernobyl was in 1986. The people in red stand for the hectic rush of today's life, keeping people in the treadmill of money-making, not leaving time for an orientation towards the inner worlds.

In the background you see a straight upward rainbow bridge surrounded by a light-blue sky - the way-up into the subtle worlds. A young couple ascends to the lighted path, where there are already several groups on the way to the high gate, and the path merges into the light.

The great figure of the World Teacher shows the direction, surrounded by a huge aura of radiant light. On the top you see the snowy mountain peaks of the Himalayas, where the Spiritual Hierarchy has its seats - and the vastness of the dark-blue sky opens the view to infinity. So you see in the picture different planes of ascent.



April 1987, 171x46 cm, acrylics on pressboard

The fight between the forces of light and of darkness shaking the foundations of life - you see people being torn away and the earth opening. At the same time forces of Light intervene from above to bring help.


Light over the City

February 1987, 171x46 cm, acrylics on pressboard

I was fascinating of the inter-penetration of spiritual energies and everyday life. The scenery contains elements from the old town of Münster where I lived for years; and the figure of the Eiffel tower - together with the Arc de Triomphe, in Paris - symbolic figures of centralistic power and intellectualism. I was trying to portray the "light", which here comes from above and shines all over and through the city - a vision of an enlightened society, but at the same time full of apocalyptic inklings, which were shaking in the underground.


The Conference

April 1989, 135 x 68 cm, acrylics on pressboard

At the time I was working at a Swiss Rudolf Steiner School (86-90) as a language teacher, I visualised here the inspiration received from higher circles for a good group work.


The Blessing 1

February 1989, 105x75 cm, acrylics on pressboard

Here you see the Cosmic Christ blessing the earth. He is surrounded by a group of angels and initiates, who stand united to turn back the influences of the powers of darkness.


The Blessing 2

approx.1988, approx. 40 x 40 cm, acrylics on pressboard

This painting shows the figure of the Cosmic Christ spreading unconditional love over the earth. On a background of dark blue, the blue and rose-white aura of the cosmic cross appears and before it you see Christ in a blessing posture. From his heart rosy light is radiating down into the spheres of the world.



1987, 85 x 25 cm, acrylics on pressboard

Like with the painting "Creator Animae - Forming the Soul" you see here the work of the "Lord of the Flame" infusing light into the form of man thus stimulating his chakras.


Marriage Blessing

April 1989, acrylics on pressboard

The Divine blessing the couple.

I painted the picture for the marriage of a friend.



February 1988, 205x146 cm, acrylics on canvas

The picture shows the descent of a soul to the parents. There are a number of souls hovering above, waiting for incarnation possibilities, and one soul descending in a drop-like aura surrounding the parents. At the bottom, there are earth-bound souls stuck in matter and unable to get back into incarnation. In-between in the blue you see devas, angelic beings over the surface of the earth radiating bluish-white light. The big yellow drop is dripping down from the subtle realms into the dense matter. The parents are welcoming the child with their arms lifted upwards.

The picture is a presentiment of the souls who later descended as our children.

This picture was done in the month I got married. From the Steiner school where I worked at that time, I got an old map of the world; the backside was a large-scale canvas, which I used for the painting - the biggest I ever did. It is quite symbolical that the picture was on the backside of a map of the world - so to say the inner side of the world.

It was difficult to take a photo of it, for our bedroom, where it was later hanging, was hardly big enough to capture the whole scene. And since I had given it a lacquer coating for better luminosity, the surface was reflecting when I tried to photograph it. The photo does not convey very well the original quality.


Eagle of the Soul

October 1989, 110x64 cm, acrylics on pressboard

The picture shows the reception of the energies of the spirit into the physical frame.

The Eagle is the symbol of the spirit. Here the spirit is coming down into a form, so it is enveloped by a blue and violet aura, becoming the Eagle of the Soul. Coming from higher circles it is landing on the head chakra. The red sphere is the head of the human being receiving the energy of the spirit. You see the Sahasrara or head centre, the Ajna with the two petals and the brow centre. The brow is the highest point of personality, the Ajna is the seat of the soul, and the Sahasrara or thousand-petalled lotus is the seat of the spirit in man. There is a line linking these centres, the Antahkarana, the inner bridge of light. Here it is going up beyond the human sphere into the surrounding space consciousness from where the eagle descends, bringing the knowledge and vision of the higher worlds.

The picture doesn't have the luminosity of the original painting, which might still exist - I gave it to a friend in Munich and have lost sight of it. Since I was longing for this picture, I tried to paint it anew - it got another quality, and not with the intensity of the eagle in this picture. The latter picture was destroyed along with the other paintings in 1997.



October 1988, 184 x 79 cm, acrylics on pressboard

This painting shows a man standing upright between the whirlpools of the energies of the lower spheres, which are influencing him in the lower parts of his being. The seven energy lotuses within are in full bloom. From above and surrounding him, there is the soul filling him with light. It is descending from out of the central point within the triangle, the flaming triad, from where a drop comes down to form the individual soul. The descent of spirit, consciousness and matter down to the individual is a powerful flow of light from out of a background of dark blue.


Levels of the Logos

February 1990, 120 x 80 cm, acrylics on pressboard

This is one of the last of the Early Paintings, and so it concludes this series.

You see a man holding the inner light of the heart. He is protected by Gaia, Mother Earth, in green colours. Her head forms the symbol of Earth, the cross above the circle, symbol that our earth is still struggling to integrate matter and get lifted up to the soul.- This great work is still-going on on our planet. Mother Earth again is protected by the hands of the Solar Logos. At the top of his head you see the sign of the sun, the circle with the point in the centre. It is surrounded by a planet hidden close to him, which Esoteric Astrology calls Vulcain, the will aspect of the Divine. Then you see the more outer spheres of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, in their respective related colours, followed by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Beyond the sphere of the solar system you see the Cosmic Person shining forth from the position of Pisces, the sign of the Cosmic Christ. Behind the sphere of the zodiac there are the three great constellations of Pleiades (left, the Mother or Matter), the Great Bear (right, the Father or the Will), and Sirius (centre, the head-light of the Cosmic Christ, the Son or Consciousness).

The painting still exists and belongs to me.


Spiritual Hierarchy 5 - The Brotherhood

August 1988, 73 x 70 cm, acrylics on pressboard

This painting of a later time is in the line of the Spiritual Hierarchy paintings and so I have added it to this series. (See also the painting of 1990: The Spiritual Hierarchy). Here you see the downpour of light from higher circles through the World Teacher and the brotherhood of the Masters of Wisdom, standing in firm unity to keep the demonic energies, which are trying to draw humanity into an abyss, in check. You see the World Teacher in a blessing position. Above his head, there is a white eagle, symbol of the spirit, and in front of his hands, there is a white dove, symbol of love and peace. From the dove streams of light emanate to strengthen the brotherhood, holding each other's hands and thus forming a demarcation line beyond which the energies of darkness cannot pass.

Below you see in the centre, the head of a reddish serpent / dragon, the kundalini energy fallen into matter. Its mouth is open, and a ray from above falls into it. The head comes out of an abyss into which fiery human figures are drawn. Along the borders you see structures of a city disappearing and humans standing between light and darkness. In the background of the picture, there is the horizon of the globe merging into the vastness of the dark blue sky. There is a strong contrast between the calmness of the upper part and the dramatic situation in the lower - reflecting a state of our world's affairs.


Spiritual Hierarchy 8 - Service of the Logos



26 June 1987, 48x46 cm, acrylics on chipboard

The picture represents sublime beings of light which might manifest and approach us to bring their blessings.


The White Brotherhood

1990, acrylics on pressboard

Since the mid-70s when I came to know about the White Brotherhood and the Masters of Wisdom, there was a deep longing to know more about them and to work for them. They are the guiding light throughout all the years.


The Egg of Brahma

1990, acrylics on pressboard

This is probably the last one of the “Early Paintings” before the "big creativity pause" of 19 years.

The breath of Brahma is depicted as a swan, Hamsa, whose pulsation is the pulse of life. From out of the egg slumbering for a long time in the waters (ethers) of space, creation came. It is described in the Indian pictures as a golden egg, Hiranya Garbha.


Globe Chains - Incarnations of Earth

Blackboard Drawing, 1991

At that time, I put a blackboard in my apartment for paintings. The paintings remained on the blackboard only for a short time and then disappeared again into "pralaya" without any records.

The occult teachings say that we are in the 4th cycle (round) of a series of 7 incarnations on earth. Rudolf Steiner called the first incarnation the old Saturn (not directly related to our present Saturn), then the old Sun, the old Moon – represented on the left. At the bottom you see the Earth, with its sign, the cross over a circle. It is in the form of a drop - symbol of the soul - coming from a vagina-like structure above in a circle: The origin of manifestation, Mother Nature coming out of the background, the Oneness, represented by the circle in an ocean of blue. From out of this state you see the descending (involutive) arc of planetary incarnations on the left side, then the ascending arc on the right side - future incarnations (globes) of our Earth, so-called Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan states, which finally merge again into pralaya, the great dissolution. Between the different globes there are "minor" dissolutions (deaths) of our earth. So this blackboard painting visualises the full series of Earth incarnations as per the secret doctrine teachings.


Emanation 2

1990 - April 1992 (dissolved), approx. 160 x 50 cm, door decoration, transparent paper glued on glass

This paperwork shows how from the One the Three come out, then the Five. The dove, symbolising the spirit descending as consciousness into matter becomes condensed to the pentagram, which is impregnating man, standing in the upright posture of the 5-pointed star. He is surrounded by the 5 elements which make up his nature. The posture of man is the same as in the painting “Unfoldment” - firmly grounded on earth, but free to receive the energies of the spirit. So man, the microcosm, is in unison with the cosmic man expressed in macrocosm.

The paperwork was done on the glass of a door in the apartment of that time. I dissolved it when we left the apartment in April 1992.


Descending from Above

09 September 1984, 39 x 29.5 cm, liquid glazing paint and fast glue

From summer 84 to April 86, during the traineeship for the 2nd state examination, I lived on the 4th floor of an old house in Münster, Germany, with direct view over the road onto the belfry of the nearby church, from where the ringing of the bells strongly vibrated through the air. The view inspired me for this painting, where you see the presence of angels spreading their light over the city in times of crisis. This emergence of light appears again in the painting "Light over the City" from 1987.


Light, Love and Power

September 1981, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

This is the first painting which came after an intense inner experience full of fire lasting for several days. It was be beginning of a deep transformation.

The painting shows the downpour of energies from the Point of Light, as it says in The Great Invocation. The Light, Love and Power pour down and ignite the hearts of mankind, represented here by the sea of flames. You see the protecting hand of the forces of Light on the left side and a cascade of fiery energy flowing down from out of the Divine Eye, the doorway to the Beyond.