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Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Cover Picture

06 January 1983, A 4, liquid glazing paint, transparent glue and gold colour on paper

This is the first picture of the series, so-to-say the cover, and in a different style than the following ones. I didn't pay attention to be "precise" in the lines / circles, but wanted to go into the colour and form expressions.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 1: The Last Supper

14 January 1983

As per my understanding, the Last Supper is not just sharing bread and wine to be the body and blood of Jesus Christ, but also manifesting and impregnating the energy impulse of light and love in the etheric. So you see the reception of light from above into the bowl. The apostles are looking towards Jesus, except Judas, on the right end of the picture, who is looking away.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 2: Gethsemane - Mount of Olives

11 January 1983

Here you see Jesus praying to his Father, in a vision of his future suffering. The blood is dripping down the cross, expressing the state of anguish but submission to the divine Will. It is dark, inner turmoil and solitude. In a crisis of decision, you might think of an easier way, but when you realise that the next steps will lead you via a painful path but which is the right direction, you need will power to go ahead. So here Jesus is invoking the divine Will to attune his will with the greater Plan.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 3: Imprisonment

13 January 1983

This picture shows the capture of Jesus by the Roman soldiers and Judas giving the sign. Jesus offers no resistance, just shows his hands to be bound. The whole scene is in front of the city at night.

The situation reminds of moments where we experience being left alone and "friends" turning a cold shoulder, where even without having caused any fault you are caught and made responsible.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 4: Peter Betrays Jesus

14 January 1983

This picture shows the scene in front of the city gates where Peter is asked if he knows Jesus. Out of fear of getting imprisoned himself, he denies him thrice times before the cock crows. You see a nightmarish giant cock in front of the city walls.

A scene we all might know where out of fear or when challenged we don't stand behind our own convictions or words we said.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 5: Jesus and Pilate

12 January 1983

In the interview with Pilate after his capture, Jesus was asked whether he was a king, he answered, yes, but not from this earth. Pilate understands, but is exposed to public pressure. This scene is an epitome of the dilemma between the truth (even of a higher order) and the pressure from interest groups motivated by particular interests. In one way or the other, this is nearly part of everyday life, where we have to notice that reality is constructed by power groups, especially the construction of mainstream reality.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 6: Flagellation

14 January 1983

After having been given free to the decision of the mob, of the public opinion makers, Jesus is bound to a pillar and beaten. The blue colour of the torturers stands for the emotionless henchmen of power, who just follow the given order and think of being free from guilt. The vaults hide the injustice from view - like the many things that go on in the dark far from the public eye. There is no question of justice or even compassion.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 7: Crowning of Thorns

14 January 1983

This is also a situation of a quasi-universal character. It is a well-known behaviour of those seeming powerless ones who feel powerful by mocking of victims or even enjoying their cruelty.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 8: On the Way of the Cross

10 January 1983

Here you see Jesus fallen to the ground under the weight of the cross - no other persons visible. In the background of the scene there are church windows, symbolising the - old and modern - religious authorities and orthodoxy. Christ, the universal consciousness, falls down to the hard floor, under the pressure of the emotions of the masses and man-made concepts, hard as concrete.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 9: Veronica's Veil

11 January 1983

A gesture of compassion and love - and an unforeseen gift - the face of Christ on the veil of Veronica. The whole witnessed by the three figures - representatives of the cold power of law and order.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 10: Simon of Cyrene

16 January 1983

Another gesture of compassion and help, though not totally spontaneous. The Farmer Simon is asked to help Jesus to carry the cross. The representatives of power stand in the back and follow the procession. The scene is surrounded by colours of blood-red and brownish-blue. The way is leading upwards and at the same time downwards.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 11: Fixing on the Cross

14 January 1983

The crucifixion looks like two craftsmen at work - cruelty can be very "technical" and detached, without any emotion.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 12: Crucifixion

13 January 1983

Whereas Jesus Christ on the cross is expressing peace, the elements of nature are in turmoil. The drops of his blood are dripping down into the ground impregnating the earth with the light of his life. The cross is multiplied into 3 dimensions, being a symbol of matter. It also seems to be organically grown from out of the ground, forming a unit.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 13: Descent from the Cross

10 January 1983

Maria, depicted as a naked woman, the merciful mother, takes down the corpse of her son. Though the body is dead, the aura still surrounds in a bluish light. From the cross, there are drops of blood falling down into the ground, and the sky is dark as night, though it isn't nightfall.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table 14: Interment

18 January 1983

The interment of the corpse is like putting a seed into the ground. It forms a circle, an uterus of mother earth, which takes the body like a seed to germinate again. The three crosses are surrounded by mist, like in a dream, and the city in the background is only a far-away scenery of the on-going everyday life, not taking notice of the extraordinary happenings on the nearby mount.


Way of the Cross, in 14 + 1 Tables, Table +1: Resurrection

26 January 1983

In full contrast to the previous colours, you see here Christ in his radiant body of light, holding the globe, sign of the dominance of spirit over matter. The light surrounds all and also penetrates the depth of matter. Even the signs of the wounds are just marks of light. Resurrection.

The day I painted this picture was also the last day of a long crisis. Some good news arrived and during these weeks the new direction of my life finally had shown up.