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Libra – Nyasa Vidya, Adjusting to the Planes

19 June 2017, pencils and photo work

The Eastern sages have developed a science of superimposition called Nyasa Vidya, where they imagine themselves permeating the whole earth or the cosmos. They meditate the North Pole in their head centre, the South Pole in their base centre, the equator in their solar plexus and the Himalayas in their heart. They inwardly study the currents of magnetism that flow around the earth and use them to purify the centres along their spine and to free the thoughts from personal influences.

Likewise, correspondences can also be established between the parts of the body and the planets, the sun signs or the planes of consciousness. When our orientation to a larger system is complete, the energies of our system are rearranged in accordance with the larger system. Disorder is brought back to order; thereby, one radiates and remains magnetic.

To depict these dimensions, I placed the silhouette of a human body over an image of the globe. I created the radiance of the inner centres by using photos of aquamarine gemstones and of a lotus. You see the lines of the magnetic field as the human and the planetary aura. The central axis of the spine is prolonged via the axis of the earth to a galactic axis. For visualising the seven planes of consciousness, I transformed and multiplied extracts from a NASA photo of the Sombrero galaxy.


Libra – Passing through the Sun Centre

14 June 2016, pencils and photo work

Libra teaches to turn from the outer to the inner, from the circumference of life to the centre. It is symbolised by a circle with a central point representing the Sun centre. By contemplating on the central point of the heart centre we can enter into the subtle spheres and ascend to the higher planes. The fiery spark of I AM is the solar angel, which we are in our essence. It is a ray from the Sun. On the upward journey we are returning to our source. Man is a potential solar system. The Sun we see is a gateway to the Central Sun and this in turn is an expression of the Spiritual Sun. Like the Sun, man is a micro-image of the Cosmic Person. This symbolism is a profound meditation.

Pondering on the symbolism of Libra I tried to visualise the centres of the different circles. Each being has an individual central point and thus has a unique circumference. However, as they are all expressions of the One Existence, this is described as “centre everywhere, circumference nowhere”.

On the central axis of the image I placed a human silhouette with the energy centres and a radiant heart centre. There is a larger fiery silhouette in the background symbolising the solar being. I surrounded them with circles of different sizes representing the different spheres and their limitations. Vertical lines of various lengths illustrate the stages of ascent through the different planes.

I transformed an image of Krishna to represent the Cosmic Person. The human and the solar being are looking towards the Cosmic Person, their origin. The Cosmic Person is surrounded by an aura of a starry field.


Libra – From the Periphery to the Centre

13 June 2015, pencils and photo work

The spiritual path is from objectivity to subjectivity and via the subtle planes to the reunion with the divine centre. In the movement through the zodiac, Libra stands for the complete unfoldment of objective life, where you can lose yourself in the “scales of the balance” or return to the centre of rotation, which corresponds to the centre of our existence. Objectivity is horizontal life, subjectivity is vertical life, and both need to form a right angle, a balance in the centre.

When I was inwardly searching for the new image, nothing showed up until there was a window of time to start working on the image. I perceived a horizontal and a vertical line formed by galaxies. I started searching the “Google quarry” for elements to approach the inner image and found many a galaxy and other interesting objects but the inner image did not fit with the outer pieces of the puzzle. I felt dissatisfied.

Next morning in meditation I clearly saw the structure and the needed elements. For the vertical line I took a photo of the milky-way and for the horizontal line, the field of light, a photo of the Sombrero galaxy. I super-imposed elements of star-fields and a star and added the eyes as symbols of the Mother of the Universe. Then I worked out colours and details with the pencils and gave the image a final digital finish. And yes, this was the image which wanted to manifest.


Libra – The Upper and the Lower Bird and the Magnetism of Life

04 June 2014, pencils and photo work

In one of the Upanishads there is the story of two birds on the tree of life which are eternal inseparable friends. One bird eats the fruit of the tree; the other rejoices the first one eating. The bird below stands for the personality, which is experiencing the world. The bird above is the soul, which is a witness of the actions of the lower self. Both are eternally united. It is a beautiful representation of Libra, which stands for relationship. Another symbol of relationship is the magnet. Its two poles create a field which attracts and magnetizes the iron filings.

In this picture I joined the two symbols: The upper bird in radiant white is hovering above and observing the lower bird. The latter is sitting on the ground, looking backwards. It is also white but a little tinged. In the background you see the two poles of the magnet vertically arranged as two suns spreading their fields of force all around illustrating the poles of the soul and personality. They also represent the trunk of the tree of life with the lines of force as branches and roots.

I drew the lines on a photo of iron filings ordered around a magnet. Spiritual Astrology describes the colour of Libra as crimson-red for the average people living in a cloudy admixture of emotions and love. For a disciple who has developed the etheric lotuses the colour is violet; and when he is established in the thousand petalled lotus the colour is a blend between blue and pure white. You see these colour tones vibrating in the picture.


Libra - The Ascent of the Soul from the Abyss

20 May 2013, pencils and photo work

In the symbolic journey through the zodiac, Libra represents the illusions into which the soul loses itself when it gets disconnected with the thread of Light.

I visualised it as a ravine and superimposed on it the structure of a labyrinth, depicting the windings of our intellect, our brain. There is a bridge of Light leading over the gap, and in the background there is the light of a huge unfolding flower of consciousness. A pilgrim, symbol of the eternal part of the soul, is standing at the left side and looking down into the abyss. At the left rock face, you see the volumes of a library, representing the great masses of knowledge where you can get lost in concepts. An old man is sitting in front of the wall of books, absorbed in studying. A sage with a rod is observing him. He represents Saturn, the Lord of Time and the inner ruler of Libra. He is the guardian of the threshold who keeps you in a situation until the lesson is learnt. At the bottom you see a snail, symbol of the slowly moving spiral of time. At the centre, a young lady in white, representing the aspiring soul, is looking up to the guiding angel at the right. She is listening to him and is ready to ascend from the narrow abyss towards the Light.

The figures in this picture are taken from photos or transformed from paintings of Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1889) and Louis Janmot (1814-1892).


Libra – Birth of the New Earth

16 June 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

The picture came to me from out of the experiences of the previous months and weeks, culminating in receiving notice of termination of my work contract after 21 years of service. I felt free, after a very turbulent time. I saw the old structures collapsing, and at the same time felt the seed of the new sprouting, though not yet manifest.

At the top you see a skyline - brightly illuminated high-rise buildings on a burning ground which is about to crumble down. In the depth there is the formation of a new globe out of shining etheric flowers manifesting in a field of deep blue. A group of angels are observing the beauty with rapt attention.

There is a tremendous contrast between the subtlety of the new earth and the display of grandeur of the old structures, which are ready to sink into the abyss.


Libra – The Mother with the Tiger in the Jungle of the City

11 July 2011, pencils, crayons and photo work

In many of the pictures I use symbols of the east and transpose them into a western setting. For this picture I took the inspiration of Durga, the impermeable mother with the tiger, who is ruling the time of Libra. It is considered to be the time of the descent of the spirit into the life in densest matter. In this phase of life you can easily get lost on your way and forget the purpose of your life.

I visualised this life in densest matter as the life in a metropolis and took a photo of a street canyon in New York. For Durga, I used a painting of an English Pre-Raphaelite painter illustrating nature and transformed its position, colours and expression. I added a sword and a lotus – the sword as a symbol of strength and the lotus as the symbol of unfoldment. I used a picture of a Siberian tiger which is about to jump. I then worked out the etheric movements of city life as the movements of the energy which surrounds the figure of Durga.


Libra – Balancing the Higher and the Lower Pole

8 August 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

At the centre of the picture you see the double pyramid, the top directed to heaven, the bottom to earth. It is a sign of protection called Gopura in the East. Above you see an opening to higher spheres from where light descends through the double pyramid and gets anchored to earth.

At the bottom you see a railway station. The rails symbolise the many directions of the trains of life: in Libra you come across junction points and you have to decide about the direction of your life. In the lower part of the downward pyramid you see the symbol of Venus, the ruler of Libra. Venus represents the light of the soul which will enlighten the physical sphere of life. The meeting point of the upper and the lower pyramid fuses with the lower part of the symbol of Libra in the background, the lower line symbolising the material world, and the upper part symbolises the spirit hovering over it in balance. So from out of the centre of the symbol a circle of light appears with a hovering eagle. The wings stand for the well-balanced pairs of opposites which allow living life in a good balance.

The sphere of light in the upper part is surrounded by stars. On the blue background you see the glyphs of Saturn and Uranus, the higher rulers of Libra which bring discipline and transformation into the life of a disciple on the path.