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Dance of the Flying Serpents, the Initiates, around the World Teacher

Beginning of December 2009, inks, pencils, crayons and photo work

For this painting I used the picture of Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher, which Master EK gave to the groups. The entire expression of Lord Maitreya in this picture always touches me; the grace of the look is very profound.

In Eastern symbolism, the serpents crawling on the ground represent the beings who are earth-bound, and the ascending white serpents standing on their tails represent the beings who are striving towards the spirit and whose life energy, the Kundalini, is moving upwards. When a man has overcome the bondage of matter and has become an initiate, this energy connects with the Ajna centre and moves beyond the physical frame – the serpent moves into the ethers of space. He is then called a flying serpent.

So, I painted a group of 6 white flying serpents dancing around Lord Maitreya. With the golden crayons, I drew the movements of the etheric dance on the background of blue and white of the ethers of space.

You find this description in more detail in the book “Occult Meditations” by Sri K. Parvathi Kumar. In the comment of Meditation 28 it says among others: “The student is recommended to visualise the upward path of Kundalini from Muladhara and move through the path via the etheric centres of Sushumna, reach the brow centre and then ascend into the expanse of the blue with the wings. He is recommended further to visualise that he is flying in the unlimited blue with the wings, meeting a group of such flying beings who are already flying at different heights and with different shines.”


The Energy of Synthesis

20 December 2009, inks, pencils, crayons and photo work

This picture visualises the inpour of the energies of synthesis. You see Master CVV in his typical pose sitting in front of a lotus, a symbol of unfoldment, on the blue globe, representing the earth, surrounded by the downpour of light. The globe is penetrated by electric blue waves.

At the top you see Sirius from where the energy is said to have originated, together with the Great Bear on the right and the Pleiades on the left. According to esoteric astrology, these three form a great triangle of forces and have a profound energetic relation to our solar system. A picture to meditate upon.


The Lord of the Violet Flame and Chintamani

24 December 2009, pencils, crayons and photo work

Christmas 2009 was very silent – the rest of the family was in bed with flu; I took care of them and did 4 paintings in 5 days.

At winter solstice that year I took a photo of a beautiful Portea flower lying on the snow in the garden and with rising sun in the background. I took this photo as the initial point for the painting, another one of a crystal cave near the Grimsel hydropower station – the station is deep inside the Alps and on the way there is the cave. Then I added an extract of a painting of the Lord of the Violet Flame, St. Germain.

The Violet Flame is particularly related to the mineral kingdom and the violet ethers. The wisdom teachings say that there are huge subterranean caves with gems in the Himalayas and that the beautiful gem of Chintamani is in Shamballa. Sri Kumar said in a seminar that it is within the forehead of Sanat Kumara and that sometimes it is given to the Hierarchy. It has the power of manifestation. Besides the centre of Chintamani on the planet, there is also a centre of Chintamani in every human being which is generally dormant, but can be experienced when we ascend in awareness, plane after plane.

So you see in the centre of this picture the Chintamani gem in the cave temple with its radiance coming from the heart of St. Germain. Yellow and violet flames are coming down to vitalize the powerful crystals in the cave. So the painting is an invitation for visualisation.


The Avatar of Synthesis Coming from Sirius to Earth via Uranus

25 December 2009, pencils, crayons and photo work

Like the picture “The Energies of Synthesis”, this painting again shows the descent and the reception of these energies.

At the very top you see Sirius in the centre, the Great Bear on the right and the Pleiades on the left. They form a cosmic triangle of forces related to the energies of the first, second and third rays of Will (Great Bear), Love-Wisdom (Sirius) and Intelligent Activity (Pleiades). Below the stars you see Uranus and the descent of the energy via the comet to earth. On earth you see the “skyline” of the Blue Mountains (Nilagiris) in South India - the seat of the Ashram of Master Jupiter, who is called Agastya in the Eastern scriptures and venerated as the senior member of spiritual Hierarchy and working on earth since time immemorial. Master CVV, whom you see in the lotus posture, is said to be a senior disciple from this ashram.


Fire Ritual

26 December 2009, pencils, crayons and photo work

Every time I participated in a fire ritual conducted by Sri Kumar I was thrilled by the energies created. Space starts to vibrate, filling itself with sublime radiations going far beyond the actual fire.

For this image I used a photo I took at a fire ritual. I painted the fiery flames expanding throughout the space surrounding the altar with the pictures of the great Masters of Spiritual Hierarchy. In the left corner, there was a little Krishna statue, which you see here, surrounded by flames of blue and gold.

The fire ritual starts with constructing a triangular basis with seven times three sticks which are then lighted. These sticks stand for the seven planes of creation expressing through the three basic qualities of inertia, activity and poise. The fiery energy penetrates through all of them accomplishing the work of Creation.


Messengers of Synthesis

16 March 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

On March 17, 1984, Master EK passed over to the higher circles. I painted this picture in memory of his passing. Though I didn’t meet him physically, his teachings have inspired me deeply, especially when I was translating some of his books and lectures in the 90ies.

I tried to capture the electric radiance of tremendous vibration, which got stepped down through the Masters CVV, MN and EK, and then further through KPK to uplift people from incrementally lower levels of awareness. You can feel it in a meditative alignment and particularly through the teachings.

Here Master EK is surrounded by the golden yellow light of Buddhi, pure wisdom, forming an auric unity with Master CVV.


The Great Ones

26 March 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

I painted the picture with the inspiration of an experience I had during my study time.

One morning when I opened the eyes, there were 3 tall men standing at the end of my bed. I was in a state of shock and couldn’t move. The three tall persons in long robes were just looking at me without saying anything. It was quite a long time, maybe 1 or 2 minutes. It wasn’t an etheric vision, they seemed to be there in physical bodies. After a while they dissolved and I came out of my paralysis. I quickly got up and was very much agitated.

I didn’t find a convincing explanation for this experience, though I read about appearances and the like. In January 2010 I finally asked Sri Kumar about this experience. He told me that during the times of H. P. Blavatsky, the Mahatmas frequently visited her and others in Adyar, that that I had witnessed these visits. They came to me in this life as a blessing. It was a genuine experience.

For the picture I used a black-and-white photo showing Madam Blavatsky and behind her the Masters Kut Humi, Morya and St. Germain. I transformed it and added the flames of their rays.

It doesn’t matter to me whether this picture is said to be authentic or not, and there is no way of proving the authenticity of my experience, but it had a left a deep impact in my life.


Taurus – Vaisakh Festival

25 April 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

Since times immemorial, the Masters of Wisdom and their disciples assemble during Vaisakh Full Moon at the Vaisakha-Valley near Mount Kailash for meditation and reception of the new impulse of the Divine Plan to be worked out during the coming year. While some gather there on the physical plane, many sublime beings come to the assembly in the subtle planes.

This full moon is also called Buddha full moon, since Buddha is said to have found his enlightenment during a Taurus full moon. But it is also Buddha who remained on earth to assist humanity; he transmits the energies from higher circles at this auspicious full moon time.

The painting shows the glyph of Taurus with Lord Buddha sitting in the middle. In the crescent of the upper part of the glyph you see Aldebaran, a star in the constellation of Taurus, from where the “roar of the divine word” comes pouring down. On the left upper side you see Venus, the exoteric ruler of Taurus. On the right side you see the full moon of Taurus, who also conveys the energies of Vulcain. It is a still hidden planet incorporating the higher aspect of Divine Will, which is symbolically expressed through Gauri the Bull, the vehicle of Lord Shiva.

Below you see a valley with the gathering of a large group of disciples and a representation of THE MASTER in the form of Master KPK in the middle. Around the group, there are sublime beings in the ethers.


Transmission – Anchoring

01 Mai 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

In 1910, Master CVV received the energies of synthesis onto our planet. It was a downpour of a tremendous order which was so intense that it takes a very long time for the earth to absorb it, as he said several hundred years.

The energies came to our system via Sirius and the Halley’s comet. You see Sirius at the uppermost part of the painting, and the pyramid of the 4 masters especially dedicated to the transmission of this energy below, in the form of a comet which is being anchored in the ethers, the waters of space of our planet. So you see a line formed by Masters CVV, MN, EK and KPK, the latter grounding the energies on the physical through his work in different parts of the world.


Leo – The Mother on the Lion

27 June 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

Leo is ruled by the Sun. Here you see the glyph of the Sun in the upper centre showering streams of light downward. The full moon of Leo is the future festival of Hierarchy, and many masters of wisdom are born in this sign. In the centre you see the three great Masters, Kuthumi, Maitreya and Morya.

The cave of the Heart is said to be the cave of the lion, and the pulsation is called its roar. You see the glyph of Leo as the cave of the Lion. The Mother sitting on the Lion with Ganesha on her arms is a symbolic presentation of the majestic energy of Leo.


Sagittarius – Shooting up, Pouring down

9 October 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, symbolising the spiritual aspiration of our soul striving to shoot up and reach the goal. We carry the bow and arrow in us: the spine is the arrow, the arc of the bow is the line of the eyebrows - where you find the Brow Centre, the highest point of personality consciousness. From there you can lift up to the Ajna Centre at the middle of the forehead, the seat of the soul, and from there you can lift up further beyond. It is said that intonating the OM is like drawing back the arrow on the bow to the utmost point to shoot up high.

The picture shows the figure of Master MN, a fiery Master, who worked much in the background. The arrow shoots up to the higher spheres, from where streams of energy pour down to the lower planes bringing light and upliftment.

At the top right corner you find the symbol of Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, and at the left corner the symbol of Mars, the planet of fiery aspiration.


Capricorn – Celebrating the Dawn of the Year

17 October 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

In the circle of the year Capricorn stands for the dawn, where the sun starts rising on its northern course. Capricorn represents the illumined mind which is symbolised by the pentagram. The picture illustrates this with the five-petalled flower located on top of Mount Kailash, from where highest illumination pours down on earth. It is received by the Spiritual Hierarchy. In the centre of the picture you see the scene of the Guru Pooja celebration in Simhachalam, India, in honour of the great Masters of Wisdom, celebrated each year in the month of Capricorn. The picture shows Sri Kumar together with a group from the west in deep meditation. At the bottom you see the open air assembly hall from the background, with about 2000 people meditating to receive the energies. The different layers merge into one energetic whole. You also see on the background the glyphs of Capricorn and Saturn, the ruler of this sign.


Taurus – Receiving the Milk of Wisdom

11 March 2011, pencils, crayons and photo work

At Taurus full moon there is a downpour of energies from cosmic centres down to earth. Spiritual Astrology says that these energies are coming down via a brilliant star in the constellation of the Pleiades, Aldebaran. It is also called the eye of the bull. You see this star at the top of the picture. Buddha is the representative of this energy on earth, so you see him between the two horns of the bull. They represent the “antennas” for the reception of the energies of Divine Will. In Eastern symbolism Shiva is the embodiment of the Will aspect, and he is visualised in form of a Lingam. The bull Nandi is his vehicle, and it is always placed looking at Shiva in form of the Lingam.

At the lower centre of the image there is a black Lingam. A waterfall is flowing over the it. All around the Lingam are the many images of the Masters of Wisdom. In the centre of it you see Lord Maitreya, Master Morya, and Master Kut Humi. They are spreading the light of wisdom. It is said that the Masters milk the cosmic cow and nourish humanity with this milk of wisdom.


May Call – Receiving the Energies of Synthesis

21 May 2011, pencils, crayons and photo work

In the book Spiritual Astrology Master EK says that Uranus is the ruler of the Aquarian energies and that Master CVV had a spark of the metal Uranium emanating from his Heart lotus. The picture symbolically represents the reception of the energies and how they emanate from the Heart Centre.

You see the downpour of energies from above which are being received by the Master and shining in electric blue and violet. They were transmitted by Halley’s comet. So I placed a picture of the comet on the chest, its light is reflected below the radiant globe at the Heart Centre.


The Master May Call

24 March 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

Ever since I came to know about Master CVV (1868-1922), I was deeply fascinated. For me his piercing look is full of energy, and he does tremendous work in the subtle planes.

To give an expression to the etheric call of the Master, I worked over two photos I took in 2006 at an installation of huge old loudspeakers on the roof of the Kunsthalle Berne (Art Gallery). This installation was done by Pavel Büchler, a Czech born artist living in UK. I was fascinated by the “silent loudspeakers”, overlooking a noisy square. The artist was searching for something which is “beyond the communication”, something which is beyond sound, beyond form, even beyond manifestation.

I already explained the meaning of the May Call Day with the picture “May Call – Receiving the Energies of Synthesis”.


Lifting-up the Earth to the Kings of Beauty

11 November 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

Our planet is on the way to rise to subtler realms, and the energies of the New Age are helping to “lift up the earth to the Kings of Beauty”, as it says in the 5th stanza of the Great Invocation.

The picture shows an eagle, symbol of the spirit rising above the earth. Its wings are integrated into the lower part of the symbol of the circle with the square and the cross, the Sanctum Sanctorum. On the upper part there is a picture of Lord Maitreya, the head of Spiritual Hierarchy. The top of the square is at the Ajna Centre of Lord Maitreya, the bottom at the Heart Centre of the eagle. The left and right wings touch the left and right points of the square.

In the background I placed three circles as a symbol for the three planes of the sun (body, soul, spirit). The sun in the centre is merging with the Heart Centre of Lord Maitreya.


Leo: The Entrance

17 March 2013, pencils and photo work

In symbolism Leo is connected with the transformation process in the inner cave of the heart. With the help of respiration you enter into the “cave of the lion”, the Heart Centre, where you can encounter the higher self, when the lower self is well adjusted. The cave also symbolises the inner ashram, of which an outer ashram is the externalisation. The image illustrates this entering into the ashram.

The painting shows a circle of 12 stars, symbolising the 12 signs of the zodiac. A woman is climbing a stair, entering through the circle of the “gate of stars”. The point in the centre is represented by a door leading to the Sanctum Sanctorum, and so the entry is a path from the circumference to the centre. At the threshold before the centre there is a white figure representing the Master in the Heart, the Divine Self. Above the centre you see the figure of an angel, the guardian of the ashram and the link to the cosmic spheres. The ashram is represented as a crystal cave. The crystals on the sides symbolise the purified, transparent matter, which can receive the Light. At the bottom on the left, outside the starry circle, there is a group of people waiting for their turn to enter.


Aquarius – Agastya and Sirius

30 September 2013, pencils and photo work

The Wisdom Teachings speak of Agastya or Master Jupiter as the oldest member of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Since time immemorial, he has been a great sage on the earth and his deeds have been described in the Puranas. In South India, he is also called Agathiyar and worshipped as a Siddha having his abode in the Nilagiris or Blue Mountains. He is closely linked to the energies of Sirius and on the zodiacal level he presides over the sign Aquarius.

The creation of this picture was a paradox for me: I pondered upon it for few weeks. There was the initial impulse for the image of Agastya but I thought it must be something else – and no thoughts came. I felt frustrated but finally followed the original impulse to do the picture with a photo of a statue of Agastya. For the background, I took a photo of the mountain in the Nilagiris which is said to be the location of the ashram of Agastya. Then I integrated a photo of Sirius. Using the computer and pencils, I worked on the colours and details of the expression. When the picture was ready I was thrilled about its radiance.


Pisces – Ascension, the Light of the Higher Bridge

28 October 2013, pencils and photo work

The signs of the zodiac have their correspondences in the body. Pisces is not only associated with the feet but also with the area above the head, with the pineal gland and the pituitary body. When the higher consciousness awakens, a light starts to manifest between these two glands and gives rise to an ascension via this higher bridge of light beyond the limitations of the body. Pisces represents the ascent of man into God; it is therefore also called the sign of completion, of the meeting of the “alpha and omega” of creation.

For this picture I used a picture of Jesus and of the transfiguration of the Christ, from a painting of Fra Angelico (1442). I transformed this painting and fused the face of the Christ with a picture of Maitreya. I arranged two photos of sunrises on the front of the image of Jesus, thus generating the view of the radiant etheric centres. I increased the intensity of the eyes which are observing the observer and created a fusion of the subjective and the objective spheres.

For the upper background, I warped a photo of waves rolling onto a beach, producing the impression of the vastness of the etheric ocean of space associated with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. And the colour of the sign is that of the pure sky in bright daylight. I further worked on the head centre in the middle of which you see the blessing figure of Christ.


Scorpio – The Master of the Violet Flame

09 July 2014, pencils and photo work

The work of Scorpio is the alchemy of profound transformation through rhythmic inner work. Rhythm, ritual and order are related to the 7th ray of violet vibration. The violet light is the most proximate subtle light; it helps us gain the vision, which reveals the subtle existence. The violet flame causes magical transformations, which slowly reorganize the energies of our life. The Master of the 7th Ray, the Count Saint Germain, is the Master related to Scorpio. He supports us to govern ourselves by following a rhythm and order.

For this painting I took some photos of a candle flame and arranged a picture of Count Saint Germain into several layers of flames transformed into violet light. In the background I merged the pictures of a rose window of a cathedral and a blue diamond. Then I started working with the colours.

After scanning the picture and further working on the colours I saw that the print-outs were quite different from the screen images. The colour tones did not give the right hues, and the violet did not render well. So I slept one night over it and then continued working: I divided the picture into two layers, worked on the layers separately. I then erased parts of the one layer and fused the two layers. After a number of print-outs the right luminosity was adjusted.


Aries – The Ruler of the Solar Dynasty

14 December 2014, pencils and photo work

The earliest legends of the history of India mention two dynasties, the “race of the Sun” and the “race of the Moon”. The Solar Dynasty of the “Sons of the Sun” was the first ray royal dynasty, to which Lord Rama belonged. Master Morya, who is of fiery nature, belongs to the Solar Dynasty and is its last representative. He is the Master of the sun sign Aries and represents the Fire on our planet.

For this painting I used the photo of a huge solar eruption and one of the crescent earth to symbolize the descent of the Sons of the Sun onto our planet. In the background I created the path of descent and spheres of blue and red indicating the process of reception.

At the bottom I placed a picture of Master Morya and merged two crowns for his headwear, with a solar disc in the background.


Cancer – Narada’s Neptunian Music

26 March 2015, pencils and photo work

Sublime music can raise the consciousness beyond the mental to the level of the soul. This quality is related to Cancer. When music is properly used, it can open the awareness to cosmic planes of consciousness. Such experiences of oceanic consciousness are governed by Neptune. The cosmic teacher working through the power of divine music is called Narada. He is the cosmic musician whose thought, word and deed are musical. He bestows the word of the Lord with the sounds of his musical instrument, the Veena.

Pondering on Neptune, an image came to my mind which I had seen some decades ago, a round stone with a face. I finally found it googling – it was the famous “Mouth of Truth”, a stone face from an ancient Roman fountain probably representing Oceanus. I used it as the starting point, reworked it and merged it with a photo of Neptune. I surrounded it with a huge greenish wave in the vastness of the star-strewn space.

In the foreground you see Narada carrying his celestial Veena, a seven-stringed musical instrument representing the seven planes of creation or the seven tissues of the body. It is said to sing by itself and elevate people to the state of pure experience. I extracted the form of Narada from a vintage print and fused it with the surrounding waters of space.


Capricorn - The Mount, the Star, the White Robe and the Gate of Death

8 September 2016, pencils and photo work

Capricorn is represented as a mountain top, the point where spirit and matter meet. At this most subtle and translucent state, the individuality becomes so pure and transparent that the light from above shines through. The personality ascends to the higher self, and the soul prepares to receive the energies of the super-soul. When the super-soul descends into a form, the Christ consciousness is born in a pure vessel. In the New Testament this pure body of light is called the “radiant white robe”. After the personality is conquered, the soul is glorified on the Mount of Transfiguration. It is also the Mount Sinai, where Moses experienced the “I AM THAT I AM” in the Burning Bush. The pure body of light is symbolised by a radiant five-pointed star. This star is also embodied in the shape of man with his outstretched arms, the two legs, and the head. We can take to this position and visualise with closed eyes how orange or golden light enters into us.

You see this symbolism depicted in this painting. For the orange light I transformed a photo of a cosmic nebula, for the mount a Swiss mountain top. The figure of Christ is created from an Indian image.

Capricorn is also called the gate of death, the release from the bondage of form. Cancer, the opposite sign, is called the gate of earth life, where the souls lose themselves in matter. Cancer is ruled by Moon. I depicted the cycle of incarnations with the moon phases from no moon (new moon) to full moon and back to no moon. The full moon is placed at the centre of a big crescent Moon, symbol of the form-bound consciousness. The pale light orbs at the bottom represent the souls bound in matter.