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Adoration of the Sun, through the 5 Elements

29 November 2009, inks, pencils, crayons and photo on paper

The point of origin of this picture was a photo. In a park I took the picture of a statue of a young lady on a globe, which was positioned on a pillar. There was a tree behind the pillar with the statue. All these elements merged together in the photo - a fantastic concurrence.

For me, the pillar became the spinal column with the energies unfolding. The woman, or the female, sensitive nature inside, became one with the tree, the unfolding nature. And the tree represents the opening of the Sahasrara, the head centre. The sun symbolises the opened heart. From there the energies expand into space.

The wisdom teachings explain that in the process of manifestation, creation comes from the sphere of energy to the sphere of the creative mind (Mahat), and further unfolds into the 5 elements of Nature - ether or space, air, fire, water and earth. Here you see the expansion of this manifestation process coming out of One Source, expressing with a feeling of joy and freedom. It reflected the two nightly inner experiences I had just gone through as mentioned in the introduction.


Kundalini Ascent - Higher Bridge Beginning

Beginning of December 2009, inks, pencils, crayons and photo work

As mentioned in the introduction, I had experienced the opening of the inner chamber. It felt like I was entering into a chapel. At the centre of the chapel, there was something like a flame ascending.

For preparing the picture, I used a photo from inside the cathedral of Gerona in Spain and of a lotus flower. The central window it represents the spinal column with the central path of Sushumna, rising up from the lotus at the base centre. At the top, the inner chapel opens to higher spheres of light, whose glow is shining downwards.

You can dive into the violet and blue and let yourself be carried upwards, entering into the upper realms with some sublime inner sounds similar to organ-music.


Dance of the Flying Serpents, the Initiates, around the World Teacher

Beginning of December 2009, inks, pencils, crayons and photo work

For this painting I used the picture of Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher, which Master EK gave to the groups. The entire expression of Lord Maitreya in this picture always touches me; the grace of the look is very profound.

In Eastern symbolism, the serpents crawling on the ground represent the beings who are earth-bound, and the ascending white serpents standing on their tails represent the beings who are striving towards the spirit and whose life energy, the Kundalini, is moving upwards. When a man has overcome the bondage of matter and has become an initiate, this energy connects with the Ajna centre and moves beyond the physical frame – the serpent moves into the ethers of space. He is then called a flying serpent.

So, I painted a group of 6 white flying serpents dancing around Lord Maitreya. With the golden crayons, I drew the movements of the etheric dance on the background of blue and white of the ethers of space.

You find this description in more detail in the book “Occult Meditations” by Sri K. Parvathi Kumar. In the comment of Meditation 28 it says among others: “The student is recommended to visualise the upward path of Kundalini from Muladhara and move through the path via the etheric centres of Sushumna, reach the brow centre and then ascend into the expanse of the blue with the wings. He is recommended further to visualise that he is flying in the unlimited blue with the wings, meeting a group of such flying beings who are already flying at different heights and with different shines.”


Descent of the Avatar from Sirius to Earth via the Comet - 1

13 December 2009, inks, pencils, crayons and photo work

In this painting, I tried to capture the descent of the energies from Sirius via Halley’s comet into the earth, received by Master CVV. I took a photo of Sirius (at the very top), then of Uranus, then of an eclipse and of the earth. The energy descends in electric blue from the highest point to the lowest, running through all the spheres and shaking the earth. Painting this descent was a very powerful experience. You can also see this picture as an inner process of the energy descending through your entire system, shaking and rearranging it. After such a touch, you are no longer the same. But the assimilation takes long time. As per the Energy of Synthesis, Master CVV said that it would take at least 240 years from his birth to understand a little of his work.


Descent of the Avatar from Sirius to Earth via the Comet - 2

13 December 2009, inks, pencils, crayons and photo work

This is the same image as the “Descent of the Avatar from Sirius to Earth via the Comet 1”. I casually held a lamp behind the picture and saw how it was shining brightly. I took a picture with my camera.


The Birth of the Soul / Venus from out of Space / Ether / Jupiter and Time / Matter / Saturn

15 December 2009, inks, pencils, crayons and photo work

I am very much fascinated by the symbols of cosmogenesis, the creation of cosmic existence. How can the apparent something come out of seeming nothingness? The wisdom teachings explain that when creation comes into existence, there is the manifestation of time into space. In space you find the potential manifestation and when this happens the cosmic fire appears. I tried to depict it in this painting.

So for this picture I used a photo of the old astrological clock at the Zytglogge-Turm (Time-Clock-Tower) in Berne, as a symbol of the different time cycles governed by Saturn. Saturn also stands for matter.

At the top I placed a photo of a galaxy, as a symbol of space, and also of the spirit.

In the middle you see the famous Venus of Botticelli standing in a shell. Venus is the symbol of the soul, and the shell represents the female principle.

Consciousness manifests out of spirit and matter inter-penetratingly. So the hair of Venus is drawn into the whirl of the cosmic movement of the stars. And the shell holding her emanates from the centre of the clock, of time.

The naked Venus is also Isis or Mother Nature in her full beauty. Here she does not emerge out of the ocean, but out of fire, the cosmic principle of heat or the flames of the solar principle.


Spring Awakening – Silent Joy – Jubilating

18 December 2009, inks, pencils, crayons and photo work

This is one of the paintings which thrilled me most while painting. This picture shows the opening of the 4 higher centres - the Heart, Throat and Ajna centres and the Sahasrara. They all are growing on one stem which sprouts from the sun at the bottom, the Base Centre - the deepest point to which the solar angel, our higher self, is anchored in matter.

I did the painting after I had experienced an intense opening of the Heart. The painting is a reflection of this experience.


The Hidden Flower – Born Nine Months Later. Night

18 December 2009, inks, pencils, crayons and photo work

This picture is done by holding a lamp behind it. It is an extract of “Spring Awakening – Silent Joy – Jubilating” done nine months later. It reminds me of a star that fell on earth, took its roots, and is now growing. May its light grow in the heart of the observer.


The Avatar of Synthesis Coming from Sirius to Earth via Uranus

25 December 2009, pencils, crayons and photo work

Like the picture “The Energies of Synthesis”, this painting again shows the descent and the reception of these energies.

At the very top you see Sirius in the centre, the Great Bear on the right and the Pleiades on the left. They form a cosmic triangle of forces related to the energies of the first, second and third rays of Will (Great Bear), Love-Wisdom (Sirius) and Intelligent Activity (Pleiades). Below the stars you see Uranus and the descent of the energy via the comet to earth. On earth you see the “skyline” of the Blue Mountains (Nilagiris) in South India - the seat of the Ashram of Master Jupiter, who is called Agastya in the Eastern scriptures and venerated as the senior member of spiritual Hierarchy and working on earth since time immemorial. Master CVV, whom you see in the lotus posture, is said to be a senior disciple from this ashram.


Fire Ritual

26 December 2009, pencils, crayons and photo work

Every time I participated in a fire ritual conducted by Sri Kumar I was thrilled by the energies created. Space starts to vibrate, filling itself with sublime radiations going far beyond the actual fire.

For this image I used a photo I took at a fire ritual. I painted the fiery flames expanding throughout the space surrounding the altar with the pictures of the great Masters of Spiritual Hierarchy. In the left corner, there was a little Krishna statue, which you see here, surrounded by flames of blue and gold.

The fire ritual starts with constructing a triangular basis with seven times three sticks which are then lighted. These sticks stand for the seven planes of creation expressing through the three basic qualities of inertia, activity and poise. The fiery energy penetrates through all of them accomplishing the work of Creation.


Planetary Healing Meditation

27 December 2009, pencils, crayons and photo work

One of the most serene places I know is the Planetary Healing Centre at the Coast Road near Visakhapatnam, India. Surrounded by a beautiful garden with statues of Lord Maitreya and Lord Buddha, it has a conical structure constructed with the numerical potency of 7 as per the design of Sri Kumar.

I started this painting with a photo from the outside of the building, and another from a group meditation inside with Sri Kumar. I added a photo from NASA of a sunrise over the earth and replaced the sun by the OM. Then I added a picture of the statue of Lord Maitreya at the upper left part and of Lord Buddha at the upper right part, but covered them with blue colour to keep them in the background. On the foreground you see the signs of the planets and the zodiacal signs related to the descent of the energies there. The downpour of the energies comes from the cosmos through the tip of the cone and flows down as streams of blessings over the globe, for planetary healing.

At the bottom right part of the picture you see the globe of agate from South America standing at the centre of the Healing Centre, representing the globe as well as the innermost core of our self. It is surrounded by circles of white stone steps representing expanding circles of consciousness.


Lingam of the Heart Lotus

23 February 2010, pencils and crayons on paper

In January and February of 2010, there were some extreme challenges which shook me to the core. During this time, I experienced the stronghold of the inner chamber of the Heart, where at the centre of the lotus there is the inner man, the thumb-nail sized etheric form of the outer form. It is beyond the outer commotions. From this chamber there is an opening towards above which makes descent of light possible or an ascent to the Higher possible. This I tried to depict in the drawing done with rough strokes.


Serpent Flower

14 March 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

The vital energy called Kundalini is anchored in the Base Centre and keeps us linked to the physical. It is also called the serpent which is coiled 3.5 times around the Muladhara chakra. When the gross physical becomes lighter, the serpent starts to ascend and free us from the conditioning of matter. We feel lighter and consciousness expands. The ascent is through different planes of denseness of matter, reflected in different colours.

For the painting I arranged the 12-petaled lotus from a sculpture of a friend which I digitally transformed perspectively. Then I started painting the pathway of the serpent through the different planes of colour. From the 12-layered Heart lotus, it shoots up to the Ajna centre above the eyebrows and from there it merges into the 1000-petalled lotus of Sahasrara (Head Centre).

I formed the eyes closed in meditation like two petals on the stem of a lotus flower. The different planes correspond in colour to the inner planes, though it is difficult to express the vibration of the inner colours using outer colours. So the picture helps the observer to shoot up and expand from dense matter to the Soul and merge into the vastness of Spirit.


Metamorphosis – from personality to the soul / consciousness, to the super-soul / universal consciousness, the Mother of the World

20 March 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

This painting is an expression of a process of metamorphosis I went through.

At the bottom of the painting you see an extract of a painting of John Everett Millais, called Ophelia, which impressed me deeply. A flower is sprouting from there with a young lady as a symbol of transformation. And above you see the Great Mother surrounded by a rainbow of energies, emerging from the waters, with the deep look of infinite space.

So this painting illustrates how from out of old shadows and wounds new impulses of life sprout. The past gets transformed to grow into vaster dimensions of experiences.


Becoming an Apple, for Others to Eat

23 March 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

This painting shows the transformation processes from seed to fruit – but not in the way you know them with a tree: The apple is bigger than the tree.

I started with photos I had taken some time ago of a huge tree in a nearby park, of an apple, and that of an apple flower.

The roots take the vital energy from the ground and the leaves from space. The ground is part of our globe and the vital energy belongs to the vastness of the energetic ocean. The seed in the trunk receives its nourishment from the ground and grows through the stem to expand through the branches. The flower is the most subtle part of the tree. When it has reached its fruition, it brings forth the fruit. The apple, however, is not used by the tree, but by those who take it, sell it, or give it to others to eat. So the apple tree is a symbol of the selfless distribution of its fruits. And when we share the fruits of our doing the circle completes.



13 April 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

The Wisdom Teachings explain that each year at the beginning of Aries there is a fresh new impulse coming from Higher Circles to be received by the Lord of the Planet, Sanat Kumara, and the sublime beings surrounding him in the second ether of the ashram of Shamballa in the Gobi desert. This energetic impulse is later, at Taurus full moon, handed on to Spiritual Hierarchy and their disciples to be further transmitted and disseminated at Gemini full moon to humanity at large, as a new vital impulse carrying life onwards.

This painting is done on a photo of the head of Master CVV. At the top you see the 12 signs of the zodiac blazing forth from the centre of light. The signs of the cardinal cross are forming the arms of the Swastika, where Cancer at the bottom is symbolising the descent of souls into matter. The nose and the eyebrows are forming the glyph of Aries. Through the nose, there is the down-breath of cosmic energies onto our earth. The part of the mouth is formed by Mount Kailash standing out high above the horizon. It is said to represent the head of Lord Shiva receiving the downpour of the cosmic flow of Ganga, the etheric waters of space.

The flames around Mount Kailash / the mouth represent the ashram of Shamballa.


Taurus – Vaisakh Festival

25 April 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

Since times immemorial, the Masters of Wisdom and their disciples assemble during Vaisakh Full Moon at the Vaisakha-Valley near Mount Kailash for meditation and reception of the new impulse of the Divine Plan to be worked out during the coming year. While some gather there on the physical plane, many sublime beings come to the assembly in the subtle planes.

This full moon is also called Buddha full moon, since Buddha is said to have found his enlightenment during a Taurus full moon. But it is also Buddha who remained on earth to assist humanity; he transmits the energies from higher circles at this auspicious full moon time.

The painting shows the glyph of Taurus with Lord Buddha sitting in the middle. In the crescent of the upper part of the glyph you see Aldebaran, a star in the constellation of Taurus, from where the “roar of the divine word” comes pouring down. On the left upper side you see Venus, the exoteric ruler of Taurus. On the right side you see the full moon of Taurus, who also conveys the energies of Vulcain. It is a still hidden planet incorporating the higher aspect of Divine Will, which is symbolically expressed through Gauri the Bull, the vehicle of Lord Shiva.

Below you see a valley with the gathering of a large group of disciples and a representation of THE MASTER in the form of Master KPK in the middle. Around the group, there are sublime beings in the ethers.


Gemini - Distribution

15 May 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

This painting shows the reception of light from higher spheres, which is entering onto earth and is being distributed by Christ, the embodiment of Love and Wisdom. The light enters from a flame at the top of the picture through the portal of the glyph of Gemini, where the sacred syllable OM is shining. It further descends like a half-globe and divides into 7 streams distributing over a city. For this I used a photo of the skyline of Berlin seen from the top of the German Bundestag building. The motorway route part was taken from a highway bent east of Berne.

In the upper part you see the symbols of Mercury and of the Earth, which in the Wisdom Teachings are linked to the energy of Gemini.


Cancer – Mother and Child

24 May 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

Cancer represents the mother and child relation. The sign stands for the birth of the soul into matter, when at summer solstice the sun takes its southern course and the days start getting shorter again in the Northern Hemisphere. There is a movement of ascent and descent in the year, which is depicted here with the descent of the waters on the left side of the picture, representing the lunar energies, and the ascent of the solar energies on the right side.

At the top you see the face of the Mother, taken from a picture by Michelangelo, surrounded by the rays of the sun. At the bottom you see an embryo in the arch of the moon. They are separated by the waters where the glyph of Cancer is floating. Above you see the symbols of Neptune and Uranus, the energies of which are reflected by the ruler of Cancer, the Moon, to Earth.


Unfoldment – The Heart of Man – the Heart of Space

11 July 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

This picture is inspired by "Occult Meditations" 57 of K. Parvathi Kumar, where it says: “The heart of space is man. The heart of man is space. The heart of space is the centre. The heart of man reflects the circumference.”

At the centre of the picture you see a rose in form of a pentagram. The rose is the symbol of the heart, and at the centre of the Heart Centre there is an opening from where a white flame rises up in form of a Lingam. The rose is surrounded by a circle formed by the rising sun at the top and a flower meadow at the bottom. At the bottom there is the scene of a fire ritual conducted by Sri Kumar. The energy of the fire rises and merges with the centre of the rose.

In the upper background, as the heart of space there is a part of the rosette of the church window of Notre Dame de Paris, which I worked over. So the heart of man and the heart of space merge into one.


Libra – Balancing the Higher and the Lower Pole

8 August 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

At the centre of the picture you see the double pyramid, the top directed to heaven, the bottom to earth. It is a sign of protection called Gopura in the East. Above you see an opening to higher spheres from where light descends through the double pyramid and gets anchored to earth.

At the bottom you see a railway station. The rails symbolise the many directions of the trains of life: in Libra you come across junction points and you have to decide about the direction of your life. In the lower part of the downward pyramid you see the symbol of Venus, the ruler of Libra. Venus represents the light of the soul which will enlighten the physical sphere of life. The meeting point of the upper and the lower pyramid fuses with the lower part of the symbol of Libra in the background, the lower line symbolising the material world, and the upper part symbolises the spirit hovering over it in balance. So from out of the centre of the symbol a circle of light appears with a hovering eagle. The wings stand for the well-balanced pairs of opposites which allow living life in a good balance.

The sphere of light in the upper part is surrounded by stars. On the blue background you see the glyphs of Saturn and Uranus, the higher rulers of Libra which bring discipline and transformation into the life of a disciple on the path.


Lotus of the Soul

14 August 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

The centre of the picture shows the twelve-petalled lotus of the Heart, with four layers of three petals. The unfoldment of these petals brings the unfoldment of the soul. The colours of the petals stand for the three rays coming forth from the dark blue of the centre. Below the lotus you see the four-petalled lotus in red of the Base Centre, the physical foundation of our incarnation. From there the energy of Kundalini rises when life is well ordered and is in balance. Out of the centre of the twelve-petalled lotus shines forth a bright light shooting upwards. It opens into a sphere of light, an inner space, where the subtle pulsating principle resounds. You can listen to the pulsation until you hear the vibration of the holy word, OM. The sphere opens up further to the seven energies of life represented by the seven stars in the upper part, symbolising the relation with the greater Life through the centre at the top of our head.


The Cosmic Man – Dance of the Light

14 November 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

In the background of the picture you see two huge eyes and a mouth. From above, the light of the third eye is pouring in – a representation of the cosmic person with many planes of expression.

In the centre you see a globe, our earth, with the face of the Lord of our Planet, Sanat Kumara. At the same time it is the iris of an eye presenting the circle of our planets. This again is surrounded by the wheel of the zodiac. The starry background is surrounding the scene, as it is always surrounding our earthly existence, whether we are aware of it or not. The picture represents the mysterious dance of the light through the spheres of creation.


Aries – The Fire of Life

04 March 2011, pencils, crayons and photo work

Aries is the most powerful sign, the beginning of a new annual cycle with spring equinox. The vital force is seen everywhere at work in nature. The energies of the sun bring a fresh impulse, and this is symbolised by the horse. There are seven rays of the one light, depicted as seven horses. You see them in the picture as coming out of a giant glyph of Aries which starts from the colours of dawn of the rising sun. Aries also rules the Head Centre, so you see in this picture the lotus of the Head Centre above the horses in radiant colours. Profound silence and highest dynamism at the same time are the contrasting elements of this image.


Cancer – The Crab, the Tortoise and the Beetle

Cancer – The Crab, the Tortoise and the Beetle

08 May 2011, pencils, crayons and photo work

Master EK explains that when the earth begins to tilt back from the highest point of the summer solstice, the Sun appears to travel sidewise from North to South. Hence Sun is described as a crab while passing through this sign. A branch of symbolism represents it as the beetle which can transform a worm into a butterfly. This marks the transformation of matter into mind, the passage to spirit. The picture illustrates these aspects of the symbolism of the sign.

I took a photo of a crab running on a beach, between water and land, i.e., the physical and emotional plane; another of a turtle swimming in the waters. The turtle is a symbol of the man who has learnt to withdraw from the outer to the inner and to come out again when needed. The swimming turtle is elegantly floating through the waters, for it has mastered the emotional plane. And above you see three ladybird beetles flying. They represent the stage where the soul has liberated itself from the dense matter of the three lower planes and is ascending into the vast worlds of the spirit.

In the centre you see the moon shedding its light on the surface of the water. Moon is the ruler of Cancer, and the reflective light stands for the illusions created when you see only the reflection and not the original. There is a movement of reddish veils around the moon for which I used a picture of a rose, representing the heart governed by Cancer. The rose also stands for the intuitive and mystic nature of the sign. In the left upper corner, you also see the symbol of Neptune, the higher ruler of Cancer, and the glyph of the sign in the right upper corner.


Opening the Sheaths of the Soul towards the Greater Light

11 October 2011, pencils, crayons and photo work

For many years till I was in the mid-40ies I had the feeling that my life hasn’t yet come to flourish, and that I was in a bud-like state. I knew that there were veils around the soul, which slowly started to unfold and widen. This was the origin of this painting.

To visualise the closed state, I took a photo of a water lily bud and that of an egg and fused them together. I then added the figure of a woman inspired by a pre-Raphaelite painting. She is holding a dove in her hand which is waiting to fly. The sheaths open in the upward direction allowing the soul in incarnation to unite with its counterpart which is radiating in the light of pure consciousness.


Cancer – The Mother and the Birth of the Soul into the Body

09 April 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

In the upper part of the picture you see a semicircular bowl opening to the starry sky. From the stars energies are radiating down to the moon, who, receiving, is lying in the middle of the bowl. The moon is the reflective principle receiving the light from higher spheres. From there The lunar light flows to the Pitris, the builders of the forms, who also create our bodies. At the bottom of the picture lies the mother; the embryo (on the right) floats in the waters of the womb, surrounded by the waters of earth. Above the earth you see the sun. The surrounding circles indicate that he has, like a human being, a body and a soul and is an expression of the spiritual sun. From its centre the soul is coming down to enter into the body of the child.


Leo – the Three Planes of the Sun

22 April 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

As already explained, the sun, like the human being, has a triple nature with a body, a soul and a spirit aspect. In the painting I have visualised their unity in a sacral space, which is hinted at by the church window in the background. The light at the centre (top) with the petals expanding into the space stands for the spiritual sun. In the centre of the picture there is the heart of the sun, represented as a huge flower with a pulsating heart at its centre. I visualised the sphere of the physical sun as a lion resting in a lotus and surrounded by an aura of light. It is a symbol of the pulsating life principle, which has its seat in our heart.

The picture with its fiery golden yellow illustrates the power of the love energy, which permeates the various spheres.


Libra – Birth of the New Earth

16 June 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

The picture came to me from out of the experiences of the previous months and weeks, culminating in receiving notice of termination of my work contract after 21 years of service. I felt free, after a very turbulent time. I saw the old structures collapsing, and at the same time felt the seed of the new sprouting, though not yet manifest.

At the top you see a skyline - brightly illuminated high-rise buildings on a burning ground which is about to crumble down. In the depth there is the formation of a new globe out of shining etheric flowers manifesting in a field of deep blue. A group of angels are observing the beauty with rapt attention.

There is a tremendous contrast between the subtlety of the new earth and the display of grandeur of the old structures, which are ready to sink into the abyss.


Scorpio – The Ascent of the Serpents Through the Pituitary Hint

14 July 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

This picture represents the fall and the ascent of consciousness. I took the photo of a tree (far left) – it became the tree of life. I integrated the serpent falling down like a flash - it got a light-filled head and a body of red colour with a yellow line. It illustrates the consciousness descending into matter to gain experience. In the picture at the bottom you see the souls imprisoned in the lower sphere of the “burning ground”, of suffering. From out of their mass flying serpents ascend, with blue jewels as their heads, the initiates. Above you see a white-blue shimmering eagle, symbol of the spirit, and in the background, stars of the constellation of Scorpio. A lady is observing the magic dance. On her front is shining the light of the “electric hint” her head centres opened through enlightenment.


Capricorn - The Dawn and the Light of the Higher Heart Centre

11 August 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

Capricorn is also called The Mount. In the background of this painting bright mountains are shining, symbols of sublime aspiration. In the foreground you see the dark blue silhouette of a meditator diving into the subjective worlds. In its centre is radiating the huge eight-petalled lotus of the higher Heart Centre, the entrance to the inner light. The lotus is surrounded by fiery flames, and its stalk is rising from out of a reddish sun at the bottom. The electric blue lotus of the head centre is linking the inner of the meditator with the cosmic spheres.


Pisces: The Alpha and the Omega

28 October 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

Pisces is a sign of sensitivity and fluidity. The two fishes of the sign stand for the soul and the personality. I represented them as an upper and a lower fish carrying a sun in them. The sun at the top is reflecting below, just like the soul is reflecting in the personality. Behind the lower fish you see the skyline of New York, symbolising the life caught in matter. The stairway stands for the ascent and descent of souls. Angels on the right and left are guarding the path. One is giving his blessing; the other is holding a treasure, the fruit of wisdom.

Aries – The Birth of a Diamond

30 November 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

This image illustrates the enormous pressure of today’s society, which can cause a transformation process. I visualised it with a volcano, symbol of throwing out matter from the inside through a fiery process of high pressure. At its top there is a diamond, as nature’s most brilliant result of a transformation process through pressure.

For the glowing magma chamber, I took pictures at the underground corridors and shopping passages at the central station of Berne and fused them together. Several volcanos and diamonds, together with a rose flower of an echinopsis cactus for the fiery flashes at the top gave the dramatic structure with lava flows and the “magma chamber” of the hectic everyday life.


Gemini: Pulsation – The Song of the Swan

10 February 2013, pencils, crayons and photo work

Pulsation is a fundamental principle in creation, which I wanted to express with this picture. Before my mind’s eye I saw a huge white swan with outspread wings. Hamsa is the Sanskrit word for swan, and it is the symbol of the centripetal and centrifugal movement. At the centre of its heart you see an open flower which is white inside, the pulsating centre. The ballerina sitting on the beach symbolises the moment of contraction, the one flying high symbolises the climax of expansion. I merged photos of several waves to visualise the pulsating movement of ebb and flow (behind the swan). I used very light colours at the border of reproducibility to give expression to the delicacy of pulsation.


Cancer: The Descent of the Solar Angel into the Body

28 February 2013, pencils, crayons and photo work

Cancer is the sign of the return of the soul into a physical body and thus it is related to the process of reincarnation. The Moon is also the symbol of the generative life which gives birth to forms.

In the upper part of the image you see the Moon and behind it the glow of the Sun. Two angelic figures, solar angels, observe the descent of a soul into the embryo in the womb of the mother. You see the embryo head downwards behind the descending soul. Another name for the soul, the I AM, is the Solar Angel. It is the eternal part in man which in the cycle of evolution goes through series of incarnations. The body is also called the Lunar Angel; it serves as a vehicle for the incarnation of the Solar Angel. For the left angel I chose an extract from a painting of Franz Dvorak, and for the one on the right side an extract from a painting of Edward Robert Hughes; a drawing of William Hunter for the embryo in the uterus. For the illustration of the descending solar angel, I took an image of Ilmatar, the virgin spirit of the air, by Robert Wilhelm Ekman.


Leo: The Entrance

17 March 2013, pencils and photo work

In symbolism Leo is connected with the transformation process in the inner cave of the heart. With the help of respiration you enter into the “cave of the lion”, the Heart Centre, where you can encounter the higher self, when the lower self is well adjusted. The cave also symbolises the inner ashram, of which an outer ashram is the externalisation. The image illustrates this entering into the ashram.

The painting shows a circle of 12 stars, symbolising the 12 signs of the zodiac. A woman is climbing a stair, entering through the circle of the “gate of stars”. The point in the centre is represented by a door leading to the Sanctum Sanctorum, and so the entry is a path from the circumference to the centre. At the threshold before the centre there is a white figure representing the Master in the Heart, the Divine Self. Above the centre you see the figure of an angel, the guardian of the ashram and the link to the cosmic spheres. The ashram is represented as a crystal cave. The crystals on the sides symbolise the purified, transparent matter, which can receive the Light. At the bottom on the left, outside the starry circle, there is a group of people waiting for their turn to enter.


Libra: The Ascent of the Soul from the Abyss

20 May 2013, pencils and photo work

In the symbolic journey through the zodiac, Libra represents the illusions into which the soul loses itself when it gets disconnected with the thread of Light.

I visualised it as a ravine and superimposed on it the structure of a labyrinth, depicting the windings of our intellect, our brain. There is a bridge of Light leading over the gap, and in the background there is the light of a huge unfolding flower of consciousness. A pilgrim, symbol of the eternal part of the soul, is standing at the left side and looking down into the abyss. At the left rock face, you see the volumes of a library, representing the great masses of knowledge where you can get lost in concepts. An old man is sitting in front of the wall of books, absorbed in studying. A sage with a rod is observing him. He represents Saturn, the Lord of Time and the inner ruler of Libra. He is the guardian of the threshold who keeps you in a situation until the lesson is learnt. At the bottom you see a snail, symbol of the slowly moving spiral of time. At the centre, a young lady in white, representing the aspiring soul, is looking up to the guiding angel at the right. She is listening to him and is ready to ascend from the narrow abyss towards the Light.

The figures in this picture are taken from photos or transformed from paintings of Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1889) and Louis Janmot (1814-1892).


The White Island

06 July 2013, pencils and photo work

The Eastern wisdom teachings describe the most sublime plane of our planet as a field of radiant light. It exists in us as the plane of pure existence, the diamond consciousness in the head centre. It is also called Sweta Dipa, the White Island, full of divine brilliance and splendour. Another name for it is Shamballa, a hidden place on the etheric plane of the Gobi Desert.

Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World and the highest being on earth, lives there, and within his forehead there is the beautiful gem of Chintamani, the philosopher’s stone of heavenly origin. He and his team of sublime beings incessantly assist the evolution of the beings on earth.

I tried to depict the White Island in an ocean of bluish light, rising above the earthly sphere. In the lower part of the picture you perceive the outlines of India seen from space at night, with the lighted centres. Above the island you see the head of the Lord of the World, with the resplendent jewel of Chintamani on his forehead. For this I chose a photo of a Buddha statue from Tibet taken by a friend, and I transformed it a bit. For the jewel I used several layers of a photo of a blue diamond. Sanat Kumara is surrounded by seven flames in rainbow colours, symbolising his team of collaborators. I created them based on photos of prismatic reflections on the walls of my room. The whole scene seems to be floating on a field of dark night blue, representing the background of existence.


Scorpio - The Tree of Life and the Androgynous Man

16 July 2013, pencils and photo work

The wisdom teachings refer to the manifested creation as an inverted tree. In the 15th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says: “The whole Creation is an inverted tree. The roots are up above, the branches are down below”. The branches (manifestations) of Nature are downward, towards the gross matter, and the roots (causes) are above, in the subtler planes. The wisdom teachings describe the downward movement into objectivity as female (Nari), and the ascending movement as male (Nara). Both movements together form the cosmic person, Narayana.

As a starting point of the painting I took a picture of snow-capped Tibetan mountains reflecting in a lake, and I digitally warped the mountains into a downward u-form. At the top I placed a tree as the original “idea” of the tree. It is projected downwards into the lake, the inverted tree of creation. I took a photo of the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci, took away the extra arms and legs and integrated him into the tree. His head is penetrated by the roots from the upper tree – receiving the ideas from cosmic dimensions. Then, I extracted the Venus from a photo of Botticelli’s famous painting “The Birth of Venus” and fused her, downwards, into the Vitruvian Man, thus creating the male-female Androgyn. I worked on the painting with pencils. I transformed a photo of the roots of a tree and put them, pointing downwards, in several faint layers around the upper tree: The roots are in the blue space at the top, the manifestation of the tree extends below.


Sagittarius – Pre-Dawn Meditation

3 August 2013, pencils and photo work

The two hours before dawn are considered to be most propitious for deep contemplation, where the awareness can easily link to the subtle planes. At this time nature prepares the new day and we can receive plenty of vital energy. In the annual cycle, Sagittarius is said to be the "two hours before dawn” and very beneficial for the spiritual aspirants.

For the painting I took a photo of a pre-dawn sky taken from an airplane I fused two photos of wooden and ceramic statues of Buddha. I placed the figure into the centre of the structure of a double pyramid surrounded by a circle. It is the symbol of transformation, a diamond enabling protection of the meditator, of a group, a nation or even the globe. It is also called a temple, from where positive energies spread out and help to reorganise the subtle matter. The diamond stands for the four cardinal points of the day and of the year, the Midheaven (MC; Medium Coeli) and the Nadir (IC, Imum Coeli).
In the centre I placed the lotus of the heart centre surrounded by golden light. The lotus is formed by different layers of radiant light. I took a photo of prismatic reflections on the walls of my home office and constructed the central column from the base centre to the head and beyond. Around and above the head you see an aura of vital energies in different shades of violet penetrating the space.


Capricorn – Varaha and Varuna

4 September 2013, pencils and photo work

For several weeks, I meditated on the symbolism of Capricorn but no complete picture came up. There was just an idea but I thought that the complex symbolism cannot be depicted in an appealing way. However, the impulse for the painting continued. And during the work on the picture it slowly manifested. Its symbolism is not easy to be understood by a Westerner. In short: The earth is lifted up from matter to spirit.

At the bottom you see the head of Varaha, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as the White Boar. The Puranic lore describes how he lifts up the earth from out of the depth into manifestation, and from matter to spirit. Varaha is particularly worshipped in Capricorn.
This month is the dawn of the solar year and also the dawn of the great time cycle of our creation called a Manvantara. The earth is depicted as floating on the surface of the waters of space; it is supported by Varaha and surrounded by a huge etheric lotus flower, the symbol of unfoldment. Behind, there is a great sunrise, and from beyond the sun a dragon rising. On its back you see Varuna, depicted as a five years old boy with four arms. As they move through space the trident in Varunas hands, representing Neptune, is creating lines of force, which are the guiding lines for the Aquarian age. The white dragon, the vehicle of Varuna, is called Makara in the Vedic scriptures, meaning Capricorn.


Aries – The Birth of a Butterfly

26 November 2013, pencils and photo work

Aries opens the astrological year and stands for the birth of spiritual man. It also symbolises the birth-place of an idea, of a spiritual impulse taking to a form.

The butterfly is a symbol of the soul. Just like the caterpillar is totally different from the chrysalis, the butterfly emerging out of it is again a totally different state: its light movements make it difficult to believe that such a being comes forth from the previous states.

In this painting I tried to illustrate the state of transformation we go through on our way to spiritual birth: you see a human head like a cocoon from out of which emerges a being of light with wings like a butterfly. I constructed the head using different layers of a picture of myself fused with a picture of Master CVV. In front of the head you see the merged pictures of an enlarged empty cocoon, a chrysalis with the butterfly still inside, and a butterfly just emerging – pictures of a Plain Tiger from an Indian friend. There is another butterfly in front of the head, like emerging out of it, and other ones are seen flying into the vastness of space.


Taurus – Receiving the Flow

27 December 2013, pencils and photo work

In the symbolism of Puranic scriptures the flow of life is described as the cosmic waters of space that had to be brought down to earth from the plane of the creator, Brahma. There was no one on earth who could receive the intensity of the fiery flux called Ganga (Ganges) but Shiva, the Lord of Divine Will. So a solar king ardently prayed for a long time until Shiva agreed to receive Ganga.

Shiva, who carries the crescent moon on his head, opened his hair, and when Ganga came down, she was caught in the hair and her impact was reduced before she was allowed to descend from his head to the heart and then to the planes.

The head of Shiva represents Shamballa and the heart of the planet is Spiritual Hierarchy. The human beings live in the planes. Each year in Aries, a new annual impulse is received in Shamballa and in Taurus it is passed on to Hierarchy and in Gemini to humanity.

For this painting I chose a picture of Shiva with a beautiful smile. I transformed it a bit, added the crescent moon onto Shiva’s head and placed a picture of Mount Kailash into the background. Then I created the sphere with the downpour of the energies onto Shiva’s head and from there, changing colours to golden yellow, down to earth. The air is filled with the flow of etheric energies.

It must be like this to stand in the full flow of life.


Gemini – The Son of the Sun and the Great Cycles of Time

09 February 2014, A 5, pencils and photo work

The Eastern wisdom describes the unfoldment of the creational activity in tremendous time cycles called Manvantaras. They cover periods far before the creation of our present earth and go into cycles of far distant future times. A Manvantara is ruled by a solar intelligence called Manu and the Manu presiding over the present cycle is called Vaivasvata. Vaivasvata is the son of the Sun; he is the mind of the Sun and is also called the light of the soul. The Sun is called the weaver, Vivasvata; he weaves the globe of light around itself. The very meaning of Vaivasvata Manu is “the weaver of the light of the soul”, of the divine plan on earth.

This painting visualizes Vaivasvata Manu as emerging from the Sun in the background. Behind his head you see the radiance of the solar light and his headpiece has the form of the solar material shown in images of the Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (EIT). His youthful face reminds of him being the son of the Sun.

The sages describe the creation as emerging from out of a golden egg. You see a golden egg-shape in the background and the Manu surrounded by a wheel of 14 egg-shaped figures each containing the colours of the rainbow, representing the 14 Manvantaras and the 7 planes of each creation. The whole is contained in a huge lotus, the symbol of unfoldment. Vaivasvata is in the midst of the lotus, and inside the Sun you see a higher octave of the lotus out of which the Manvantaras emerge.

Creating this picture was a strange experience. It seemed that it didn't want to come out. And while working on it, I wasn't satisfied with the way it developed and on several occasions wanted to destroy it. In the end, I realised that my concepts of how the picture should look like were blocking its emergence.


Cancer – Cosmic Musicians and the Moon Principle

02 March 2014, pencils and photo work

Pure, sublime music is associated with the Divine. The soul naturally responds to high quality music, and we get absorbed into its enchanting vibrations. At the beginning of creation, when space begins to awaken, there is a first group of cosmic devas. The scriptures call them the Gandharvas, the musicians, because they are the intelligences who produce periodicities and durations. They are the blissful devas, the musical waves beyond creation. The musical hierarchy is presided over by Soma, the cosmic lunar principle, which exists on all planes. In astrology, his energy is presented through Neptune; on the planetary plane it is Venus; on the plane of our earth it is the satellite Moon.

In the centre of the picture you see three spheres representing the moon principle, composed from photos of the moon and a Chinese ivory carving. I placed a picture of the constellation of Cancer in the background. The outer, bluish sphere is touching a lower sphere representing the reflective principle or the transmission of the lunar energies to the Earth.

In the upper part of the picture you see three angels with flageolets, taken from the works of the English Pre-Raffaelite painter Edward Burne Jones (1833-1899). I worked them over to represent the Devas of the musical hierarchy. The musical vibrations penetrating the cosmos are visualised by the rays descending from the cosmos.


Leo – The Sun Centre in the Heart

09 April 2014, pencils and photo work

According to spiritual astrology, the heart centre is the seat of the soul and is ruled by Leo. Leo is the expression of the I AM, the sun of our being. The lion is the symbol of the personality which is to be transformed by the soul. The highest point of illumination in us is the head centre, and via this centre a yogi establishes contact with the sun centre of our planet, Shamballa. On a still higher plane there is a relation to the polar star.

The painting took some inner preparation before I began the outer work. To start with, I did a print-out of a colour spectrum wheel with 7 layers per colour shade. I photographed an icosahedron cut in a rock crystal and used the form of this Platonic solid of 20 triangles as an expression of rounded-up matter, or the “diamond body” of the spiritual matter which an initiate carries. For the meditator inside the crystal, I chose a picture of a statue of an Eastern goddess in a blessing posture which I took some years ago in the home of friends. I placed her face into the centre of the triangle pointing upwards and placed the picture of a lion with its head in the middle of the downward triangle. I put the colour wheel into the background with its centre at the heart centre of the meditator, symbolising the spectrum of the one light manifesting in 7 layers of creation. The colour of Leo is gold, and so the lion radiates a hue of golden light.

Behind the colour wheel I included a photo of the Dhaulagiri (meaning “White Mountain”) of the Himalayas as a symbol of intense aspiration towards greatest heights. On the front of the meditator, I placed the symbol of the sun. I shaped the headpiece exceeding the pyramid as an etheric representation of Shamballa which the meditator contacts via the head centre. Atop of it you see a star symbolising the polar star forming a triangle with two other stars.


Virgo – The Mother and the Maturing of the Souls

10 May 2014, pencils and photo work

The earthy sign of Virgo symbolizes the slow growth in the “womb of time” through conflicts and crises to reach the light of the soul. When we have gained a pure mind, it can reflect the divine Light. When the Light gets born in the virgin mind, this is called the “birth in Light”. The light of primordial nature is described as the Mother of the World. She penetrates all the seven planes of existence. These planes are said to be the veils of the Mother, and they are also depicted as a rainbow around her head. It says that her eyes transmit the rays of grace uplifting the souls to their pristine nature.

For this picture I used the image of a little statue of the Virgin with a star-filled veil. Around her head you see the colours of a huge rainbow, the planes of creation. In the background I placed two galaxies from the constellation of Virgo, depicting the cosmic eyes of the Virgin.

In the lower sphere I arranged an extract of a group photo and on each person’s face I placed a layer of a sunrise, illustrating the reflection of the divine Light in the human minds. They are the souls maturing in the matter to experience the birth in the Light.


Libra – The Upper and the Lower Bird and the Magnetism of Life

04 June 2014, pencils and photo work

In one of the Upanishads there is the story of two birds on the tree of life which are eternal inseparable friends. One bird eats the fruit of the tree; the other rejoices the first one eating. The bird below stands for the personality, which is experiencing the world. The bird above is the soul, which is a witness of the actions of the lower self. Both are eternally united. It is a beautiful representation of Libra, which stands for relationship. Another symbol of relationship is the magnet. Its two poles create a field which attracts and magnetizes the iron filings.

In this picture I joined the two symbols: The upper bird in radiant white is hovering above and observing the lower bird. The latter is sitting on the ground, looking backwards. It is also white but a little tinged. In the background you see the two poles of the magnet vertically arranged as two suns spreading their fields of force all around illustrating the poles of the soul and personality. They also represent the trunk of the tree of life with the lines of force as branches and roots.

I drew the lines on a photo of iron filings ordered around a magnet. Spiritual Astrology describes the colour of Libra as crimson-red for the average people living in a cloudy admixture of emotions and love. For a disciple who has developed the etheric lotuses the colour is violet; and when he is established in the thousand petalled lotus the colour is a blend between blue and pure white. You see these colour tones vibrating in the picture.


Sagittarius – Fiery Alignment

08 August 2014, pencils and photo work

Sagittarius is the fiery sign of the archer, symbol of single-minded attention. It teaches us to direct all our forces to one purpose, the goal of our life. On the spiritual path, the bow and arrow stand for the meditative discipline of lifting up the energies to the higher centres and to align one’s own will to the divine Will.

For the visualisation of the divine Will, I chose a representation of the Lord of the Divine Will: I took the face of a statue of Shiva on the banks of the River Ganges in Rishikesh, India. I cleared other symbolisms from it and placed a bow and an arrow over the bust. With the help of photos of the sun and of a lotus I created the Sahasrara, the thousand-petalled lotus over the head, the target of the alignment, the connection to the higher worlds.

For the string and the lower part of the bust I created shapes of bluish flames, expressing the electric tension of the fiery alignment. I emphasized it by intensifying the colours.


Capricorn - The Sunrise

05 September 2014, pencils and photo work

In spiritual astrology, Capricorn symbolises the time of dawn on the different scales: the daily sunrise, the dawn of the year, or the birth of the creational intelligences, the awakening of the gods.

To illustrate these different planes, I started with a photo of a sunrise seen from an airplane. The partly visible sun symbolises that our visible sun is an expression of the invisible parts. According to the Scriptures, only one quarter is visible, while three quarters remain hidden. The surrounding petals of three layers of a sunflower and the flames above depict the radiance of the subtle planes.

In the centre, you see the depiction of the three basic forces of creational activity, pervasion and destruction - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. I created this three-headed unity by transforming a picture of a brownish copper statue into blue with golden ornaments. The statue was done on the basis of the famous Trimurti, a huge sculpture of the three-headed divinity in the caves of Elephanta Island, Mumbai. The serpent is a symbol of the unfoldment of time and the forces of life (Kundalini).

For the background, I chose a photo of the constellation of Capricorn. In many of my paintings you see a dark blue background with stars. It symbolises the background of the unmanifest space, from out of which all manifestations emerge – you cannot illustrate the unmanifest. The blue of the statues of Gods refers to their origin from the unknowable background.


Aquarius - Apollo and the Song of Light

16 October 2014, pencils and photo work

On a very subtle plane, colour and sound converge and become one. This plane is related to Aquarius and to a supra-cosmic musical intelligence whom the Vedas call Vena the Gandharva. The Vedas say, he merrily sings the “song of light”. The Greek Apollo is no other than Vena; through his influence the sound- and light principles of the higher planes are expressed in identical scales.

Meditating on these correspondences, an image arose in me of Apollo with a musical instrument super-imposed on his face and light pouring down from above.

For the painting I chose a black and white photo of a head of Apollo and converted it into light yellow. I found the picture of a beautiful classical instrument, the “Viola d’Amore” (Viola of Love). It is used like a violin and has a sweet, warm sound. There are 6 or 7 playing strings on the top and the same number of “sympathetic strings” below – a beautiful symbol of the 6 pairs of signs of the zodiac or of the 7 planes of creation in the manifest and in the subtle spheres. I placed the instrument on the face of Apollo so that the upper part with the pegs and the head is like a stair towards the spheres of light. There is a second viola merging with the face of Apollo and a part of a nearly invisible third one surrounding the head like an aureole.

For the background, I first took a photo of Uranus and merged it with another one of a star cluster from the constellation Aquarius. Though you don’t recognize these elements anymore, they are there in the “background” of this painting. And the light coming from above looks like pouring down from out of the nearly invisible Aquarian pot.


Pisces – The Tablet of the Universe

17 November 2014, pencils and photo work

In Eastern wisdom, the content of space is called Akasha. The impressions of the past cycles of life are recorded in the ‘Akashic records’, a kind of subtle photography. In ‘Spiritual Astrology’, Pisces represents this ‘tablet of the universe’ on which an initiate can read the past, present and future of the whole creation. Pisces also preserves the information about the human frame and its relationship with the frame of the cosmic man, which is hidden in the depths of our consciousness.

To illustrate the opening of the sacred content of space with its subtle records, I used an image of the stained glass windows of a Gothic cathedral, which I transformed and duplicated. For the cosmic man I extracted from an Indian painting the face of Ishvara, the Master consciousness of the universe and in our own being. On his forehead, you see the path of light connecting the pineal and pituitary – the representatives of the two fishes of Pisces. And above there is the crown of the head centre.

Below, I placed the “blue marble” of our Earth as the sphere of our life. I super-imposed the image of an embryo, symbolizing that our frame is made in the image and likeness of the cosmic man and that it is in a process of unfoldment.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, who helps us to merge our lower consciousness (personality) into the higher consciousness or group-consciousness. I used a photo of Neptune to create the background of the image and to give it the mystic note, for Neptune is the soul of our solar Logos and is linked to the cosmic soul of our universe.


Aries – The Ruler of the Solar Dynasty

14 December 2014, pencils and photo work

The earliest legends of the history of India mention two dynasties, the “race of the Sun” and the “race of the Moon”. The Solar Dynasty of the “Sons of the Sun” was the first ray royal dynasty, to which Lord Rama belonged. Master Morya, who is of fiery nature, belongs to the Solar Dynasty and is its last representative. He is the Master of the sun sign Aries and represents the Fire on our planet.

For this painting I used the photo of a huge solar eruption and one of the crescent earth to symbolize the descent of the Sons of the Sun onto our planet. In the background I created the path of descent and spheres of blue and red indicating the process of reception.

At the bottom I placed a picture of Master Morya and merged two crowns for his headwear, with a solar disc in the background.


Taurus – The Bull and the Lingam

25 January 2015, pencils and photo work

The lingam is a fundamental symbol of creation, of the primary form emerging from the formless state. The expression of the divine Will is like a spark on the background of boundless blue. It has six projections from its centre, the six dimensions, giving the form of a double pyramid, which is also understood as a form of the lingam.

The divine Word comes forth through the vibrations in space which are compared to the roaring of the bull of Shiva. In Taurus, the constellation Rohini known in the West as Aldebaran is considered as the Eye of the Bull or the point of utterance of the divine Word. This eye is located in us in the third eye on the forehead. In the temples consecrated to Shiva the Lord in the form of a lingam should be seen through the horns of the bull situated outside the temple.

In the picture you see the double pyramid and the lingam through the horns of the bull. In the background I placed an image of the constellation of Taurus with Aldebaran in the centre. The star is surrounded by a lotus, the principle of unfoldment. Around the one central point there is a globe with the three original spectral colours unfolding to the central column with the seven colours of the rainbow. They represent the seven planes of creation or the higher antahkarana on our forehead. The fiery red sphere of the lingam on the blue background expresses the potency of the divine Will bringing forth the creation. The central symbols taken together give the form of the divine Eye.


Leo – The Tree of the Universe and the Cosmic Teaching Principle

17 April 2015, pencils and photo work

Leo is related to the heart centre; it is the heart of Spiritual Hierarchy. In the Vedic symbolism Leo is called the dog, meaning the Dog Star, Sirius. Our planetary Hierarchy is a replica of the Great White Brotherhood on Sirius whose Lord is Dattatreya. He is the teaching principle in the universe.

The Eastern Puranas compare the space globes of the universe with the fruits of a banyan tree and the suns with the seeds inside the fruit. Many trees line the roads to the garden of God. This reminds me of the astronomical concept of superclusters of galaxies called Laniakea (Hawaiian ‘immeasurable heaven’) which look like flows or branches of huge trees.

In the background of the painting I put a clustered photo of the known universe and super-imposed on it the structure of a tree. I made a photo of the statue of Dattatreya on my meditation altar, depicted as a being with one body and three heads, symbolizing the divine trinity coming out of unity. He is always depicted with a cow, symbolizing the universe. In his six hands he holds various symbols representing cosmic dimensions. In the branches of the tree you see two galaxies and in the centre a star nebula also called the “eye of God”. I placed a picture of Sirius into its centre.

In the foreground you see the symbol of the cosmic teaching principle, the triangle within a circle and the central point, which is placed at the heart centre of Dattatreya. The circle is surrounded by 12 stars, representing the twelve aspects of the zodiac or of the one original light, Aditi.


Libra – From the Periphery to the Centre

13 June 2015, pencils and photo work

The spiritual path is from objectivity to subjectivity and via the subtle planes to the reunion with the divine centre. In the movement through the zodiac, Libra stands for the complete unfoldment of objective life, where you can lose yourself in the “scales of the balance” or return to the centre of rotation, which corresponds to the centre of our existence. Objectivity is horizontal life, subjectivity is vertical life, and both need to form a right angle, a balance in the centre.

When I was inwardly searching for the new image, nothing showed up until there was a window of time to start working on the image. I perceived a horizontal and a vertical line formed by galaxies. I started searching the “Google quarry” for elements to approach the inner image and found many a galaxy and other interesting objects but the inner image did not fit with the outer pieces of the puzzle. I felt dissatisfied.

Next morning in meditation I clearly saw the structure and the needed elements. For the vertical line I took a photo of the milky-way and for the horizontal line, the field of light, a photo of the Sombrero galaxy. I super-imposed elements of star-fields and a star and added the eyes as symbols of the Mother of the Universe. Then I worked out colours and details with the pencils and gave the image a final digital finish. And yes, this was the image which wanted to manifest.


Scorpio – The Heart of the Turtle

13 July 2015, pencils and photo work

The turtle is a symbol of the individual who turns inward towards subjective life. He withdraws into the cave of the heart and experiences the inflow of the light of the soul. The Vedic seers visualised the convex shell of the turtle as the upper part of the head and as the micro-version of the upper dome of space with the North Pole above the head. They saw the seven stars of the Great Bear in the region of the head centre. Similarly, the lower pole is understood as an inverted dome or a dish, in which the southern star called Sirius or the Dog Star is visualised in the human body near the tip of the spine.

An image developed over some days in meditation: A turtle with a radiant heart appeared; it was the dome of space inside the head with the luminous central axis of the spine going down. I created the structure of the image by transforming the photo of a turtle and by superimposing layers of an image of the Great Bear and of a polar bear. For the central axis I transformed a photo of the Milky Way. At the bottom I placed a dish-like sphere and in its centre I fused a picture of Sirius and of a dog. Then I worked on the colour shades and the transitions. The way the picture developed was again, for me, a surprise.


Sagittarius – The Upward Journey

04 August 2015, pencils and photo work

The archer with bow and arrow is the symbol of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fiery sign related to long journeys and, on the spiritual path, to the journey towards higher states of consciousness. The key-note is setting a goal and striving with focused attention. The central channel of the spine, the sushumna, is regarded as the seat of self-consciousness; it is the arrow in us. In Eastern symbolism the sacred sound OM stands for the bow with its string. You set yourself as an arrow on the bow and you string it by withdrawing deep within. With a stable mind you then shoot the arrow upwards. This is the upward journey of the soul.

Meditating on the image of the month, I saw the lighted central column with the energy moving upward through the centres. I depicted the archer by the outline of the golden etheric body with the hands not holding the bow but raised to protect the heart. I placed the symbol of the OM at the front. As a point of departure for the bow I transformed the crescent of the earth from a NASA photo symbolising the ascent beyond material consciousness. The rising flames stand for the fiery aspiration, and from above blessings descend from higher spheres via the head centre.


Capricorn – Ascent, Peak and Descent

02 October 2015, pencils and photo work

Capricorn is called the Mount. The experience of the mountain peak symbolises initiation, the summit of long and intense striving. After having reached the top, you have to return to the valley in order to share the essence of your experience and to guide other seekers.

About eight weeks before creating the painting an image of the Sri Yantra and of beings of light descending onto Earth came to my mind. Later, while in Santa Fe, Argentina, I saw an image of Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak of the Andes and also outside the Himalayas. The Aconcagua is the seat of an etheric ashram of the Master of the Violet Flame and Violet is the colour for entering into the subtle worlds. Only two days before I started working on the painting the details arranged in the inner view. It dawned to me to put the Sri Yantra on the top of the mountain, symbol of the Divine Mother and of pure consciousness.

fused two photos of the Aconcagua, created a violet vibration penetrating the image, transformed a picture of the Sri Yantra, worked on the light reflections of a photo from the skyline of Santa Fe and of a staircase. I transformed the staircase into the colours of red, blue and yellow, representing the three rays of Will, Love and Intelligent Action. These lights are again surrounding the sphere of blue, pink and white light penetrating the Sri Yantra. I combined the stairway with the light reflections as a symbol of the ascending and descending souls. Then I created a central column of light from the top to the bottom representing the Antahkarana, the bridge of light leading to the highest realms.


Aquarius – The Aquarian Passage

12 October 2015, pencils and photo work

The Eastern Scriptures describe in poetical form the birth of matter and the passage of its formation from the space as a river flowing through all the planes. The apparent creation comes from seeming nothingness and the bridge between these states is called the Aquarian passage: on one side there is the creation and on the other side there is the seeming vacuum which in reality is everything. The point of the emergence of existence expresses as the deep blue of space. From out of the deep blue all other manifestations happen. Blue is but pure white in its depth. To the spiritual eye all colours exist in blue.

The point of the Aquarian passage in us is the Eye of Shiva, the Divine Will. This eye is on the top of the forehead and is far superior to our third eye. Through this centre energies can flow from supra-cosmic spheres to all the planes of creation. This passage is used to absorb all that exists or to let new energies pour in for a new creation. The Scriptures say, “When Shiva opens his eye, all can be destroyed.”

To visualise the Aquarian passage I placed a dark blue field at the very top followed by a field of brilliant white. Below I shaped the third eye of Shiva and two closed eyes - symbolising the focus within -with the help of the image of a wooden statue of Shiva, which I worked out in golden yellow. From the third eye there is a downpour of white light to Earth. It is received on top of the White Mountain, the Mont Blanc. I took the picture of this highest mountain of the Alps during a flight back from Spain. In the background I fused another photo of the blue sky with an image of a torrent of the Iguazu Falls located between Brazil and Argentina. It is emblematic of the waters of space containing all potentials of creation.


Pisces – Alpha in Omega, Omega in Alpha

12 November 2015, pencils and photo work

Pisces is seen as the end of the zodiacal year which leads to the next annual cycle beginning with the vernal equinox. For a disciple on the spiritual path Pisces is the beginning of the cycle, since he moves in the retrograde direction towards the origin. In mundane astrology, Pisces corresponds to the feet, whereas for the disciple it is located above the head. In the body of the yogi, it is related to the pineal gland and the pituitary body which aid to produce light of the Higher Bridge to cosmic realms of consciousness. This light is the expression of the eternal NOW, the fusion of the beginning and the ending of creation.

The picture I received in meditating on Pisces consisted of two globes touching each other with a light in between and a head below. I understood the spheres of the globes as the contact of the past with the future in the light of the presence. The two touching spheres give the glyph of the sign of Pisces. I created it by fusing several photos of the Earth, the star Fomalhaut of the Pisces constellation and a lotus.

For the head I fused a wood-carved and a porcelain head of the Bodhisattva Quan Yin, the female correspondence of Buddha worshipped especially in the Far East. She is the Goddess of Mercy and thus a form of the World Mother related to Pisces. On the crown, symbolising the head centre, she wears a figure of Buddha, the light of the jewel in the Lotus. On her front I integrated the bridge of light between the pineal and the pituitary linking to the cosmic light.

The deep blue light of the background fuses the stars of the firmament with the night lights on earth and the aura of Quan Yin into one whole.


Aries –The Three Great Fires and the Cosmic Kundalini

16 December 2015, pencils and photo work

The three fiery signs of the zodiac – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – are described as three fires. The cosmic or electric fire is the spirit, the pure energy. It expresses through the solar fire, the energy of the soul, and then through the terrestrial fire by friction or the visible expression of the energy. Before the energy consolidates into the star dust to form stars and solar systems the Eastern scriptures call it the great serpent Ananta, the cosmic Kundalini. It is identified with the constellation of the Dragon and described as moving on the great ocean of milk, the immense ocean of solar globes in various stages of formation.

I visualised the three great fires as three suns using the photo of a sunrise over the Mediterranean. The fiery globes are connected by a downpour of light, where the lower receives from the higher and distributes the light in its turn.

I constructed the serpentine movement of the cosmic Kundalini spiralling through the various planes of creation with the help of elements from a photo of a ring galaxy. The head of the serpent is above and the tail in the lower sphere. It moves around the three fiery centres and creates the matrix for the further consolidation to the visible universe.


Taurus - The Higher Bridge and the Awakening of the Third Eye

25 December 2015, pencils and photo work

To be able to perceive the energy structures in the subtle spheres you need to develop the inner sense organs and purify your system through right living and spiritual practices. There are several energy centres in the body. In the process of unfoldment, a bridge is built between the pineal and the pituitary linking the related subtle centres. When this bridge of brilliant light is built, the centre of the third eye opens and allows subtle perception. When the consciousness is further raised, a connection to the centre at the top of the head gets established.

The centre of the third eye is related to Taurus; it is called the “eye of the bull” and it governs the power of clairvoyance. In the cosmos, it corresponds to the star Aldebaran.

To visualise these subtle realities I made a “selfie” of the upper part of my head. I superimposed a picture of Aldebaran with the surrounding stars of Taurus and constructed the bridge of light and the third eye with the help of other stars. I depicted the head centre by transforming the picture of a flower changing the shape of the petals to a mountain scenery. Then I worked on the colours and the radiance.


Gemini – Group Consciousness, Merging and Emerging

08 February 2016, pencils and photo work

Meditation creates an energy field around us. When done in a group it is much more effective. By uttering OM as a group it builds a huge funnel into the sky and brings in sublime energies. It has to be a prolonged intonation with full intent. In silence we can receive the energies descending from above. In this, the individual consciousness might experience group consciousness or even universal consciousness.

To depict this process, I used a photo of a group living which I fused with layers of blue. In the foreground I created a field of various light balls with the help of photos of oil lamps, city lights and flames. It symbolises the process of merging of the individual souls into group consciousness. The individual units ascend through a funnel to a point of light from where radiant white and blue rays emerge. Thus, the group is receiving the downpour of light and is uplifted.


Cancer – Descent and Growth of the Soul in Matter

06 March 2016, pencils and photo work

Cancer represents the descent of the soul into matter and the relation of mother and child. At birth the soul 'falls' from the spiritual world into matter, imprisoned in the dense sheath of physical incarnation. The mother nourishes the child and gives her affection. Mother Nature protects the child until it awakens to the soul and consciously ascends again from matter back to the spirit.

Meditating on the symbolism of Cancer I caught a glimpse of a converging spiral. In the spiral I perceived the different steps of the descent of the soul into matter, and this linked to the mother protecting the growing child. Their interaction reminded me of the glyph of Cancer, ♋.

However, it took some time of searching until I found access to the actual composition of the painting. As a point of departure, I chose a Shalagrama stone, an ammonite whose spirals are regarded in the East as a symbol of the universal principle or God. I transformed light reflections from butter-lamps in an Indian temple to represent the stages of the descent of the soul, superimposing them on the spiral in different colour shades. For the mother and child I used elements of two Italian Renaissance painters: for the mother from a painting of Fra Filippo Lippi (1406-1469) and for the child from a painting of Fra Angelico (1395-1455). The spiral ends and begins in the heart of the child being near the heart of the mother – Cancer ruling the heart centre. The looks of Mother Nature come out of a veil of light; the face of the child radiates strength and purity. The surrounding greenish blue hints at the higher ruler of Cancer, Neptune.


Leo – The Path to the Super Soul

15 April 2016, pencils and photo work

The soul is an image of God. It is a replica of the super soul and it expresses itself through the mind, the senses and the body. If we want to come in touch with the divine radiation of the super soul, we have to release our association with the outer form and orient within. This way the inner man is formed and we can relate more to the super soul, the source of our existence.

As a symbol of this orientation upwards I used the photo of a friend standing on a sand dune in Tibet in front of a lake with mountains behind and a vast sky above. To depict the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space surrounding the personality I created spheres of different colours and the shape of the aspiring individual with his hands lifted up.

Light pours down through three globes – super soul, soul and personality - and is received into the individual. It is anchored in the head, the heart and the base centre. The light detaches the man from the impact of the surrounding spheres. He is oriented upwards to remain in touch with the source of Light.


Virgo – The Rainbow Aura of the World Mother

14 May 2016, pencils and photo work

Virgo is the month of the World Mother, the universal awareness or the basis of creation. She is called Gayatri in the Vedas, the Light of the World, and worshipped with the famous Gayatri mantra. She is depicted with five visible faces and a sixth invisible one. Of the five faces, the one on the extreme right represents the brilliant solar light and the face on the extreme left the soothing light of the moon. In between there are the three faces of the primary colours in the order of red, golden yellow and blue. The invisible face in the background stands for the absolute light of the background.

The World Mother is depicted with the aura of the rainbow indicating the seven planes of existence or the seven rays of the original Light. Each plane is subdivided again into seven sub-planes creating the kaleidoscopic beauty of creation.

To depict the World Mother, I used an Indian image of the Mother and transformed it by changing the colours and replacing the faces with extracts of women portraits of Western painters mainly from the 19th century. I kept the colour expression of the faces. Then I created a circular rainbow aura around the Mother and added seven rainbow hemispheres on a blue starry background indicating the expansion of universal awareness through all the planes of creation.


Libra – Passing through the Sun Centre

14 June 2016, pencils and photo work

Libra teaches to turn from the outer to the inner, from the circumference of life to the centre. It is symbolised by a circle with a central point representing the Sun centre. By contemplating on the central point of the heart centre we can enter into the subtle spheres and ascend to the higher planes. The fiery spark of I AM is the solar angel, which we are in our essence. It is a ray from the Sun. On the upward journey we are returning to our source. Man is a potential solar system. The Sun we see is a gateway to the Central Sun and this in turn is an expression of the Spiritual Sun. Like the Sun, man is a micro-image of the Cosmic Person. This symbolism is a profound meditation.

Pondering on the symbolism of Libra I tried to visualise the centres of the different circles. Each being has an individual central point and thus has a unique circumference. However, as they are all expressions of the One Existence, this is described as “centre everywhere, circumference nowhere”.

On the central axis of the image I placed a human silhouette with the energy centres and a radiant heart centre. There is a larger fiery silhouette in the background symbolising the solar being. I surrounded them with circles of different sizes representing the different spheres and their limitations. Vertical lines of various lengths illustrate the stages of ascent through the different planes.

I transformed an image of Krishna to represent the Cosmic Person. The human and the solar being are looking towards the Cosmic Person, their origin. The Cosmic Person is surrounded by an aura of a starry field.


Sagittarius – Seven Seers and Seven Layers of Consciousness

11 August 2016, pencils and photo work

The Eastern wisdom describes seven working intelligences in creation which exist as seven principles on the cosmic plane. They are called the Seven Seers / Rishis or Seven Judges. They have incarnated as the seven stars of the Great Bear and have externalised as seven rays. This principle also expresses on earth as seven great sages, as seven layers of consciousness and as the seven energy centres of the human body.

Spiritual Astrology explains that Sagittarius is the sign of judgement and that the seven judges are related to this sign. Sagittarius is the sign of aspiration to noble goals where the spiritual student dreams of becoming seer whose plans are one with the cosmic plan.

At the start of this image, I worked on a photo of the Great Bear. Seven rays in the colours corresponding to the related Seven Seers come down to earth. There, the Seven Rishis are depicted as seven flames, which I superimposed on the shape of the Earth. One of the flames is radiating in a human silhouette, where a line in rainbow colours represents the seven centres. The silhouette is standing on a radiant blueish sphere, looking to the Earth. The globe, surrounded by a subtle aura, appears like the pupil of a great seer. The image has a background of blue, the colour of Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius.


Capricorn - The Mount, the Star, the White Robe and the Gate of Death

8 September 2016, pencils and photo work

Capricorn is represented as a mountain top, the point where spirit and matter meet. At this most subtle and translucent state, the individuality becomes so pure and transparent that the light from above shines through. The personality ascends to the higher self, and the soul prepares to receive the energies of the super-soul. When the super-soul descends into a form, the Christ consciousness is born in a pure vessel. In the New Testament this pure body of light is called the “radiant white robe”. After the personality is conquered, the soul is glorified on the Mount of Transfiguration. It is also the Mount Sinai, where Moses experienced the “I AM THAT I AM” in the Burning Bush. The pure body of light is symbolised by a radiant five-pointed star. This star is also embodied in the shape of man with his outstretched arms, the two legs, and the head. We can take to this position and visualise with closed eyes how orange or golden light enters into us.

You see this symbolism depicted in this painting. For the orange light I transformed a photo of a cosmic nebula, for the mount a Swiss mountain top. The figure of Christ is created from an Indian image.

Capricorn is also called the gate of death, the release from the bondage of form. Cancer, the opposite sign, is called the gate of earth life, where the souls lose themselves in matter. Cancer is ruled by Moon. I depicted the cycle of incarnations with the moon phases from no moon (new moon) to full moon and back to no moon. The full moon is placed at the centre of a big crescent Moon, symbol of the form-bound consciousness. The pale light orbs at the bottom represent the souls bound in matter.


Aquarius - The Aquarian Pot and the Eternal Dancer

8 October 2016, pencils and photo work

The Wisdom Teachings describe the process of manifestation as a tunnel, where on one side there is the creation and on the other side there is a seeming vacuum, the potential space. This is illustrated by the symbol of the Aquarian pot. It has two openings: from one side you see a continuous downpour of water, but on the other side there is no water coming in. It seems that it is coming from out of nowhere and that some magic is giving birth to the creation.

The waves of the ocean of space are coming from that source in rhythmic, dancing-like movements. The Lord of this vibrating principle in creation is Shiva as the eternal dancer called Nataraja. If he concludes his dance, the creation comes to an end.

For the image, I took the photo of a statue of the dancing Shiva in my study room and created an Aquarian pot with streams of water pouring down. The pot is glowing in violet and blue - the colours of Aquarius. The surrounding arc of flames stands for the sphere into which the manifestation is happening. Shiva is dancing in the flow of waters which unfolds into the spectral colours. He is surrounded by serpent-like forms on a starry background symbolising the vibrations of space. The rhythmic pulsation of space is represented by his little drum on the left side. The globe in the lower background is representing the earth receiving the Aquarian energies.


Aries - Permeation

12 December 2016, pencils and photo work

The ancient Vedic seers described profound wisdom with the help of symbols. They saw the manifestation of a new creation as coming out of a Golden Egg and permeating the different dimensions of space. They visualised the beginning of a new cycle with the story of how the head of the proud Daksha was cut and replaced by the head of a ram, the symbol of Aries, the power of stepping forth and penetrating. They further took the horse as a symbol for the life force and they saw Aries as the head of the horse. The sunrays, the transmitter of life force, are called horses and the seven rays are seen as seven horses drawing the chariot of the sun. The sunrays are understood as permeating space, being at the same time present in the Sun, on Earth and in between.

The image slowly developed while meditating on these symbols and qualities for several days. I took the ram head from the photo of a fountain in the old city of Berne. I placed it into a circle of twelve suns and created a sphere with the seven spectral colours on a starry background of space. In the middle of the circle I placed an egg-shaped form out of which light permeates – a symbol for the Primordial Deep, Aditi, the Mother, which gives birth to the devas, beginning with the Sun-god.

At the lower part of the image I created a fiery sphere around the Sun and I placed seven white horseheads and I added to their heads flames in the colours of the seven rays. I created the horseheads with the help of a Wikipedia photo by “Aleph” showing the Brandenburg Gate Quadriga in Berlin at night.


Taurus - Krishna's Flute, Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Centres

29 January 2017, pencils and photo work

Eastern wisdom knows seven sensitive points, the seven chakras, along the vertebral column and in the head. They are compared to Lord Krishna’s flute with which he is enchanting the fellow-beings. The seven centres are again contained in the region between the throat centre and a point just above the Ajna-centre called the birthplace of Indra. There are seven other centres above the neck, the area governed by Taurus. On the solar-cosmic level, these centres are related to the seven stars of the constellation of Pleiades. The secretions of the glands in that region of the body are called the spiritual foods with which Pleiades feeds the disciple. According to ‘Spiritual Astrology’, the Pleiades are described as the wives of the seven great seers forming the constellation of the Great Bear. They establish a link between the seven stars of the Great Bear and the seven centres above the neck of the disciple.

To visualise these relations I created a subtle form of the head as two oval fields of light. I placed Krishna’s flute as the vertebral column in diagonal, which I created by fusing and transforming pictures of a bamboo and a brass flute and by adding seven white points. I created the macrocosmic centres of the Pleiades and of the Great Bear connected with rays of light to the head, where you can see the microcosmic counterparts. The seven centres above the neck are symbolised by seven stars linked with rainbow colours to the head.

With the help of a photo of a lingam I created the symbolic representation of the different layers of consciousness and placed them below the flute and above a peacock feather, symbol of Lord Krishna, which forms the background.


Leo – Hercules Conquering the Inner Lion

20 April 2017, pencils and photo work

The story of Hercules is the symbolic journey of inner transformation and initiation. Hercules represents the aspirant becoming a disciple and realising himself as a soul. Later on, he further ascends to realise the Universal Soul. The Labours of Hercules are a journey through the zodiac and the fifth labour corresponds to Leo.

Hercules is asked to kill the Nemean lion. The lion represents our lower nature, the personality. Killing the lion means, overcoming our ego and realising our identity as a soul. The cave of the lion is the heart. We go inside and listen to the sound of respiration which is compared to the roar of the lion. By observing the pulsation we slowly get to the subtle pulsation; this is called "entering the cave within the cave". In a deep meditative state, when the respiration ceases, we meet the Higher Self. Only the original thought "I AM" exists; no other thought remains. When there is no more identification with the personality, the "lion is killed". However, the Teacher tells Hercules that the lion needs to be overcome again and again; otherwise it will return.

For Hercules fighting in the cave with the lion, I worked on a photo (Wikimedia: Sailko) of a Renaissance brooch. In the background there is the transformed initiate who has realised himself as a part of the Universal Soul. For this, I used a photo (Wikimedia: Wouter Engler) of a bronze statue of Hercules of the 2nd century CE excavated in Pompeii (Vatican Museums). The golden colour of the statue symbolises the etheric body of the initiate, where the divine light reflects from above.


Libra – Nyasa Vidya, Adjusting to the Planes

19 June 2017, pencils and photo work

The Eastern sages have developed a science of superimposition called Nyasa Vidya, where they imagine themselves permeating the whole earth or the cosmos. They meditate the North Pole in their head centre, the South Pole in their base centre, the equator in their solar plexus and the Himalayas in their heart. They inwardly study the currents of magnetism that flow around the earth and use them to purify the centres along their spine and to free the thoughts from personal influences.

Likewise, correspondences can also be established between the parts of the body and the planets, the sun signs or the planes of consciousness. When our orientation to a larger system is complete, the energies of our system are rearranged in accordance with the larger system. Disorder is brought back to order; thereby, one radiates and remains magnetic.

To depict these dimensions, I placed the silhouette of a human body over an image of the globe. I created the radiance of the inner centres by using photos of aquamarine gemstones and of a lotus. You see the lines of the magnetic field as the human and the planetary aura. The central axis of the spine is prolonged via the axis of the earth to a galactic axis. For visualising the seven planes of consciousness, I transformed and multiplied extracts from a NASA photo of the Sombrero galaxy.


Scorpio - Fall of the Spirit and Birth into the Egg of Space

25 July 2017, pencils and photo work

The activity of Scorpio is characterized as the spirit coming down into matter in the form of a converging spiral. From the higher planes, the consciousness falls into the dense material states and gets imprisoned in the space like in an egg. This fall is compared to an inverted cone with a coiled serpent hidden within. Likewise, when the human soul descends into the womb of the mother, it loses the spirit-consciousness. It takes eons of time until the soul overcomes the limitations of matter again and reaches its source, the union with the spirit.

For illustrating the descent of the spirit from cosmic planes, I created a serpent-like spiral surrounded by star-dust. The shape of the inverted cone is formed with a picture of a mollusc shell. On both sides, it is surrounded by a downpour of star-dust.

In the lower part of the image I placed three eggs: a small egg at the womb of Eva, the first woman according to the Bible; a bigger second egg at the lower half of Eva’s body as a symbol of overcoming the lower self; the third egg is surrounding Eva and merging with the spiral - a symbol of the individual soul which, on the path of ascent, opens up to the super-soul. The original statue of Eva realised by Jacob Ungerer in 1910 is at the city-hall of Hamburg.

The bottom line is dark. From out of it raises a reddish city skyline made with a photo of house facades in Buenos Aires. The mega-cities are places where many human souls are living under the pressure of modern material life.


Sagittarius – Sagittarian Contemplations

15 August 2017, pencils and photo work

We are a microcosm containing all the intelligences that constitute the cosmic person. When contemplating on this relation we realise that we are essentially the same as the cosmic being and we slowly regain the original perfection.

Our body is anchored in matter at the Muladhara, the base centre. Esoterically, the higher Muladhara is linked to Sagittarius. It is presided by Ganesha, the cosmic Jupiterian principle. When worshipped, Ganesha enables experiencing the brilliant light inside the spinal column and a speedy upward movement from Muladhara to Sahasrara. The ascent of consciousness is symbolized by the eagle.

I created a silhouette of the cosmic person with a NASA photo of a star field in the Sagittarius constellation. Since Sagittarius represents the time of pre-dawn, I fused a photo of a dawn with the stars. At the feet of the golden yellow Ganesha statue there is a lotus as a symbol of the Muladhara. The central axis of the cerebrospinal column of light is formed with a water jet. The soaring eagle is located at the Ajna centre of the cosmic person and a radiant blue star forms the top of the Sahasrara.


The Cosmic Person

24 August 2017, pencils and photo work

According to the wisdom teachings the basic pattern of the human being comes from the structure of the Cosmic Person called Purusha in the East. We as an inner person are in essence the same as the Cosmic Person. When we look within it creates the contact with the Person within and thereby opens the doors to meet the Cosmic Person outside. The Inner Person is called the Higher Self or the Soul. Its outer shade is the lower self or the personality. The outer Cosmic Person is called the Super-Soul. When we contemplate on the Person within we start realising our identity with the Cosmic Person.

For the image “Sagittarius – Sagittarian Contemplation” I had created a silhouette of the Cosmic Person with a NASA photo of a star field in the Sagittarius constellation. I now took it as a stand-alone image and reworked it a bit as per the shape, the stars and the colours.


Capricorn - The Column of Consciousness

11 September 2017, pencils and photo work

In the inner of the vertebral column there is the essential flow of awareness and light. It is like a lighted axis called Sushumna. We can enter into it and experience ourselves as a column of consciousness going from the top of the head to the base centre. This column is the central axis of our existence. The seven energy centres and the related planes of consciousness emerge from it. In our meditation, we can visualise that we move up and down in this column and ascend through it to the higher planes.

A photo of the shaft of a water turbine served as the central axis surrounded by a spiral. I eliminated the rungs of the mount and created the conical shape of the central column of bluish white light. The Sushumna column is surrounded by a yellow and a golden-yellow line representing the subtle energy lines of Ida and Pingala nadis. And the spiral indicates the spiralic movement of the ascending energy of Kundalini.

Lotuses in different colours show the energy centres along the central axis. They are surrounded by oval forms symbolising the various planes of existence and awareness. The half circle at the very top surrounded by radiant light indicates the entrance from where the unlimited consciousness descends into the vertical column as an individual spark of light - the I AM. You see it as the star-like jewel in the lotus of the head centre.