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13 April 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

The Wisdom Teachings explain that each year at the beginning of Aries there is a fresh new impulse coming from Higher Circles to be received by the Lord of the Planet, Sanat Kumara, and the sublime beings surrounding him in the second ether of the ashram of Shamballa in the Gobi desert. This energetic impulse is later, at Taurus full moon, handed on to Spiritual Hierarchy and their disciples to be further transmitted and disseminated at Gemini full moon to humanity at large, as a new vital impulse carrying life onwards.

This painting is done on a photo of the head of Master CVV. At the top you see the 12 signs of the zodiac blazing forth from the centre of light. The signs of the cardinal cross are forming the arms of the Swastika, where Cancer at the bottom is symbolising the descent of souls into matter. The nose and the eyebrows are forming the glyph of Aries. Through the nose, there is the down-breath of cosmic energies onto our earth. The part of the mouth is formed by Mount Kailash standing out high above the horizon. It is said to represent the head of Lord Shiva receiving the downpour of the cosmic flow of Ganga, the etheric waters of space.

The flames around Mount Kailash / the mouth represent the ashram of Shamballa.


Taurus – Vaisakh Festival

25 April 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

Since times immemorial, the Masters of Wisdom and their disciples assemble during Vaisakh Full Moon at the Vaisakha-Valley near Mount Kailash for meditation and reception of the new impulse of the Divine Plan to be worked out during the coming year. While some gather there on the physical plane, many sublime beings come to the assembly in the subtle planes.

This full moon is also called Buddha full moon, since Buddha is said to have found his enlightenment during a Taurus full moon. But it is also Buddha who remained on earth to assist humanity; he transmits the energies from higher circles at this auspicious full moon time.

The painting shows the glyph of Taurus with Lord Buddha sitting in the middle. In the crescent of the upper part of the glyph you see Aldebaran, a star in the constellation of Taurus, from where the “roar of the divine word” comes pouring down. On the left upper side you see Venus, the exoteric ruler of Taurus. On the right side you see the full moon of Taurus, who also conveys the energies of Vulcain. It is a still hidden planet incorporating the higher aspect of Divine Will, which is symbolically expressed through Gauri the Bull, the vehicle of Lord Shiva.

Below you see a valley with the gathering of a large group of disciples and a representation of THE MASTER in the form of Master KPK in the middle. Around the group, there are sublime beings in the ethers.


Gemini - Distribution

15 May 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

This painting shows the reception of light from higher spheres, which is entering onto earth and is being distributed by Christ, the embodiment of Love and Wisdom. The light enters from a flame at the top of the picture through the portal of the glyph of Gemini, where the sacred syllable OM is shining. It further descends like a half-globe and divides into 7 streams distributing over a city. For this I used a photo of the skyline of Berlin seen from the top of the German Bundestag building. The motorway route part was taken from a highway bent east of Berne.

In the upper part you see the symbols of Mercury and of the Earth, which in the Wisdom Teachings are linked to the energy of Gemini.


Cancer – Mother and Child

24 May 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

Cancer represents the mother and child relation. The sign stands for the birth of the soul into matter, when at summer solstice the sun takes its southern course and the days start getting shorter again in the Northern Hemisphere. There is a movement of ascent and descent in the year, which is depicted here with the descent of the waters on the left side of the picture, representing the lunar energies, and the ascent of the solar energies on the right side.

At the top you see the face of the Mother, taken from a picture by Michelangelo, surrounded by the rays of the sun. At the bottom you see an embryo in the arch of the moon. They are separated by the waters where the glyph of Cancer is floating. Above you see the symbols of Neptune and Uranus, the energies of which are reflected by the ruler of Cancer, the Moon, to Earth.


Leo – The Mother on the Lion

27 June 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

Leo is ruled by the Sun. Here you see the glyph of the Sun in the upper centre showering streams of light downward. The full moon of Leo is the future festival of Hierarchy, and many masters of wisdom are born in this sign. In the centre you see the three great Masters, Kuthumi, Maitreya and Morya.

The cave of the Heart is said to be the cave of the lion, and the pulsation is called its roar. You see the glyph of Leo as the cave of the Lion. The Mother sitting on the Lion with Ganesha on her arms is a symbolic presentation of the majestic energy of Leo.


Virgo – The Light in Matter

18 July 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

I used a photo of a rose lily as a symbol of purity and virgin Nature. The figure of the Virgin merges with the lily with the pistil at her womb, a sign of her creative power.

The Virgin holds an ear of corn in her right hand, to nourish the world, and in her left the symbol of Mercury, as a lamp of spiritual light. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo.

Above her head you see seven stars, presenting the seven rays of light, and from the centre the light descends upon her and surrounds her. She is the representative of the Mother of the World, from whom the entire creation manifests through seven planes. So she is surrounded by the seven colours of the rainbow on the blue background, the cosmic consciousness. Behind the Virgin you see the sphere of the earth in red with seven seeds, germinating for future harvests. Around the lily you see a meadow with flowers on a reddish background, signs of the growth of spiritual unfoldment.


Libra – Balancing the Higher and the Lower Pole

8 August 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

At the centre of the picture you see the double pyramid, the top directed to heaven, the bottom to earth. It is a sign of protection called Gopura in the East. Above you see an opening to higher spheres from where light descends through the double pyramid and gets anchored to earth.

At the bottom you see a railway station. The rails symbolise the many directions of the trains of life: in Libra you come across junction points and you have to decide about the direction of your life. In the lower part of the downward pyramid you see the symbol of Venus, the ruler of Libra. Venus represents the light of the soul which will enlighten the physical sphere of life. The meeting point of the upper and the lower pyramid fuses with the lower part of the symbol of Libra in the background, the lower line symbolising the material world, and the upper part symbolises the spirit hovering over it in balance. So from out of the centre of the symbol a circle of light appears with a hovering eagle. The wings stand for the well-balanced pairs of opposites which allow living life in a good balance.

The sphere of light in the upper part is surrounded by stars. On the blue background you see the glyphs of Saturn and Uranus, the higher rulers of Libra which bring discipline and transformation into the life of a disciple on the path.


Scorpio – Eagle and Serpent

4 September 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

At the Base Centre in our body there is the coiled energy which anchors us in matter and which is called the Kundalini. It is said to be a serpent wound 3 ½ times around the end of the spinal column. You see this serpent at the bottom of the picture. When the spirit rises again from matter, the serpent starts to ascend through the central column. There are three lines of subtle energies – Ida, the materialising energy; Pingala, the spiritualising energy; and Sushumna, the balanced central energy which lifts consciousness up to higher planes. You find this symbol in the caduceus surrounded by 2 serpents. At the top of the caduceus there is a globe, symbol of the pineal gland, the reception point of the energies from higher circles. The ascent of man to higher states of consciousness is symbolised by the flying serpent or the eagle, who has conquered the serpent. So you see the flying eagle at the top, spreading its energy all over.

On the right side you see the glyph of Scorpio, the 8th sign of the zodiac representing death and transformation; and that of Leo, the 8th sign on the reverse wheel. Next to the sign of Leo there is Sirius, also related to the energies which work from the bottom upwards. They are called the energies of the south, located at the Base Centre.

On the left side you see the glyphs of Mars, Pluto and Mercury, rulers of the sign of Scorpio at different levels.


Sagittarius – Shooting up, Pouring down

9 October 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, symbolising the spiritual aspiration of our soul striving to shoot up and reach the goal. We carry the bow and arrow in us: the spine is the arrow, the arc of the bow is the line of the eyebrows - where you find the Brow Centre, the highest point of personality consciousness. From there you can lift up to the Ajna Centre at the middle of the forehead, the seat of the soul, and from there you can lift up further beyond. It is said that intonating the OM is like drawing back the arrow on the bow to the utmost point to shoot up high.

The picture shows the figure of Master MN, a fiery Master, who worked much in the background. The arrow shoots up to the higher spheres, from where streams of energy pour down to the lower planes bringing light and upliftment.

At the top right corner you find the symbol of Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, and at the left corner the symbol of Mars, the planet of fiery aspiration.


Capricorn – Celebrating the Dawn of the Year

17 October 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

In the circle of the year Capricorn stands for the dawn, where the sun starts rising on its northern course. Capricorn represents the illumined mind which is symbolised by the pentagram. The picture illustrates this with the five-petalled flower located on top of Mount Kailash, from where highest illumination pours down on earth. It is received by the Spiritual Hierarchy. In the centre of the picture you see the scene of the Guru Pooja celebration in Simhachalam, India, in honour of the great Masters of Wisdom, celebrated each year in the month of Capricorn. The picture shows Sri Kumar together with a group from the west in deep meditation. At the bottom you see the open air assembly hall from the background, with about 2000 people meditating to receive the energies. The different layers merge into one energetic whole. You also see on the background the glyphs of Capricorn and Saturn, the ruler of this sign.


Aquarius – Eternal Flow of the Sound of Life

30 October 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

Aquarius is the manifestation of the eternal flow of life out of the unknown source. The waters are flowing out of the Aquarian pot, from seeming nothingness on the other side. The sun god Apollo with his seven-stringed lyre illustrates the musical vibrations bringing forth the Creation. Here you see Apollo with his lyre and the Aquarian pot. The pot in his hand becomes the sun from where the musical vibrations spread through space. From out of the pot there is a continuous flow of lotuses, the principle of unfoldment. On one of these lotuses you see CVV, the Aquarian master, floating on the expanse of the waters of space.


Pisces – Fusion. Synthesis of Existence

06 November 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

Spiritual astrology says that Pisces represents the blessing through the look of the eyes of the Mother.

For this picture I used an image of Maria and transformed it into blue. I surrounded it with the ring of eternal existence. The fishes surround her on the ascending and descending arc of the circle / of evolution. On the top of the left side, one fish is gliding through the depth of space, where you see the sign and the constellation of Pisces. At the bottom on the right side, the other fish is diving into the depth of matter, where you see a group of souls incarnated into human bodies on the material plane. You can discover Sri Kumar standing at the left side of the picture, and the author sitting at the bottom right side. The night-blue colours represent the background of existence, the potential space in which all forms manifest.


The Cosmic Man – Dance of the Light

14 November 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

In the background of the picture you see two huge eyes and a mouth. From above, the light of the third eye is pouring in – a representation of the cosmic person with many planes of expression.

In the centre you see a globe, our earth, with the face of the Lord of our Planet, Sanat Kumara. At the same time it is the iris of an eye presenting the circle of our planets. This again is surrounded by the wheel of the zodiac. The starry background is surrounding the scene, as it is always surrounding our earthly existence, whether we are aware of it or not. The picture represents the mysterious dance of the light through the spheres of creation.