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Aries – The Mother Principle and the Descent in 10 Steps into Creation

20 November 2011, pencils, crayons and photo work

According to the Wisdom teachings, the Cosmic Person is the supreme God principle self-existing without mother and father. From there the Mother principle comes down and conceives the creation in her womb as her child. She comes down in 10 steps through 4 planes up to the gross material plane. The Mother is represented as a young lady, the planes are represented as spheres, and the10 points of the Pythagorean decade symbolise the complete creation. Its centre lies at the womb of the lady, the top of the triangle at her heart centre. She is standing in a lotus, the principle of unfoldment. In her inner she carries a form of Lord Vishnu, the Lord of permeation. There is a visualisation exercise where you imagine the Divine – be it Christ, Vishnu or whosoever –standing over the solar plexus and the meditator becoming one with him. The delicate figure of the Mother is standing in the area of tension between the seminal emergence and the tremendous power of the manifesting energies. She carries in her heart this tension between the delicacy and and the power of the presence of Vishnu.


Taurus – The Woman in the Heart of Man

12 February 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

This painting in a way is a continuation of the Aries painting. I took a silhouette of a man and placed a picture of Lakshmi sitting on a lotus to be in the cave of man's heart. She is showering her grace and thus the energy centres unfold. You also see an unfolding “heart above the head” at the centre of the huge lotus at the top, the connection to the cosmos. The body is interwoven by energy lines.


Gemini – Saraswathi and Mercury

17 March 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

The sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who in the east is represented by Saraswathi, the goddess of wisdom. For Mercury I used the photo of a brass statue from the 19th century. And for Saraswathi I found an illustration of the goddess flying on her vehicle, the swan. It is holding a lotus flower in its mouth, symbol of the messages of the divine Word conveyed to Mercury.

Mercury is holding a rod surrounded by serpents. It is a representation of the vertebral column, with the wings of the Ajna Centre, and the pineal gland, the seat of the higher awareness. In his other hand he holds a purse filled with gold coins, being the God of merchants, and he wears the winged cap of the fast messenger. The keyboard in the background is a symbol expressing that the whole creation is done with the letters of the divine Word. And behind the keyboard you see a NASA photo of the surface of the planet Mercury.


Cancer – The Mother and the Birth of the Soul into the Body

09 April 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

In the upper part of the picture you see a semicircular bowl opening to the starry sky. From the stars energies are radiating down to the moon, who, receiving, is lying in the middle of the bowl. The moon is the reflective principle receiving the light from higher spheres. From there The lunar light flows to the Pitris, the builders of the forms, who also create our bodies. At the bottom of the picture lies the mother; the embryo (on the right) floats in the waters of the womb, surrounded by the waters of earth. Above the earth you see the sun. The surrounding circles indicate that he has, like a human being, a body and a soul and is an expression of the spiritual sun. From its centre the soul is coming down to enter into the body of the child.


Leo – the Three Planes of the Sun

22 April 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

As already explained, the sun, like the human being, has a triple nature with a body, a soul and a spirit aspect. In the painting I have visualised their unity in a sacral space, which is hinted at by the church window in the background. The light at the centre (top) with the petals expanding into the space stands for the spiritual sun. In the centre of the picture there is the heart of the sun, represented as a huge flower with a pulsating heart at its centre. I visualised the sphere of the physical sun as a lion resting in a lotus and surrounded by an aura of light. It is a symbol of the pulsating life principle, which has its seat in our heart.

The picture with its fiery golden yellow illustrates the power of the love energy, which permeates the various spheres.


Virgo – Kwan-Yin, the Mother of Grace

12 May 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

Kwan Yin is a female figure of the Buddha of compassion. She came to me mind while I was searching for a picture for Virgo.

I took the photo of a statue of Kwan Yin in the house of a friend. Her look is totally turned inwards. Above her head you see the light of the sun in a huge flower. The light is pouring down on her right and left, I represented it with the picture of a waterfall. Her head is surrounded by spheres of light, from where emerges a circle of moon phases, with the full moon / new moon behind her head. The warm golden yellow symbolises the power of her loving compassion for all beings.


Libra – Birth of the New Earth

16 June 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

The picture came to me from out of the experiences of the previous months and weeks, culminating in receiving notice of termination of my work contract after 21 years of service. I felt free, after a very turbulent time. I saw the old structures collapsing, and at the same time felt the seed of the new sprouting, though not yet manifest.

At the top you see a skyline - brightly illuminated high-rise buildings on a burning ground which is about to crumble down. In the depth there is the formation of a new globe out of shining etheric flowers manifesting in a field of deep blue. A group of angels are observing the beauty with rapt attention.

There is a tremendous contrast between the subtlety of the new earth and the display of grandeur of the old structures, which are ready to sink into the abyss.


Scorpio – The Ascent of the Serpents Through the Pituitary Hint

14 July 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

This picture represents the fall and the ascent of consciousness. I took the photo of a tree (far left) – it became the tree of life. I integrated the serpent falling down like a flash - it got a light-filled head and a body of red colour with a yellow line. It illustrates the consciousness descending into matter to gain experience. In the picture at the bottom you see the souls imprisoned in the lower sphere of the “burning ground”, of suffering. From out of their mass flying serpents ascend, with blue jewels as their heads, the initiates. Above you see a white-blue shimmering eagle, symbol of the spirit, and in the background, stars of the constellation of Scorpio. A lady is observing the magic dance. On her front is shining the light of the “electric hint” her head centres opened through enlightenment.


Sagittarius – Kalki, The Rider on the White Horse

05 August 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

In the Eastern Puranas Kalki is described as the 10th Avatar who comes to close the Dark Age. We see him riding on a white horse, symbol of the purified energy of life. From above the mountains white eagles are coming down, messengers of the spirit.


Capricorn - The Dawn and the Light of the Higher Heart Centre

11 August 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

Capricorn is also called The Mount. In the background of this painting bright mountains are shining, symbols of sublime aspiration. In the foreground you see the dark blue silhouette of a meditator diving into the subjective worlds. In its centre is radiating the huge eight-petalled lotus of the higher Heart Centre, the entrance to the inner light. The lotus is surrounded by fiery flames, and its stalk is rising from out of a reddish sun at the bottom. The electric blue lotus of the head centre is linking the inner of the meditator with the cosmic spheres.


Aquarius – The Twin Gods and the Downpour of Cosmic Energies

25 September 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

The painting shows the downpour of cosmic energies down to our planet. At the top you see winged horses, the Ashwins, the Vedic twin Gods. Below there are the two seers Vasishta (on the right) and Agastya (on the left). They are guiding spiritual Hierarchies on our earth. In the centre of the upper triangle there is the pot of Aquarius from where the waters of life are pouring out incessantly. In the centre of the lower triangle there is a picture of Uranus who receives the energies for our system. And below you see a triangle of mountains surrounding a huge lotus into which the energies are received. You see the Blue Mountains of the Nilagiris in the front, Mount Kailash in the right back, and the “Swiss Himalayas”, the Matterhorn at the left. And if you look closely, you see in the centre of the downpour a Deva figure.


Pisces: The Alpha and the Omega

28 October 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

Pisces is a sign of sensitivity and fluidity. The two fishes of the sign stand for the soul and the personality. I represented them as an upper and a lower fish carrying a sun in them. The sun at the top is reflecting below, just like the soul is reflecting in the personality. Behind the lower fish you see the skyline of New York, symbolising the life caught in matter. The stairway stands for the ascent and descent of souls. Angels on the right and left are guarding the path. One is giving his blessing; the other is holding a treasure, the fruit of wisdom.