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Choir of Angels

10 November 1981, A4, liquid glazing paint on paper

I painted this picture after a deep meditation experience. It was a time shortly after my MA exam and before moving away from the place where I studied.



27 January 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

This painting meant (and means) very much to me. Having grown up in a very catholic family and environment - which I left later - the existence of angels was something very natural for me. They appear in streams of fiery light, which from very subtle white and yellow condenses to more flame-like structures in the lower part of the picture, and the white flames of the blessing hands. They give their presence through intensely vibrating energies, and at the same time radiating a soft, soothing light - a fire which isn't burning, but gives strength and upliftment.


Deva Glow 18 - The Red Angel

January 1985, 10 x 7 cm, silk painting

In his role as a guardian, the Red Angel keeps watch and is ready to protect when danger arises.


A Group of Angels

1983/84, approx. 50 x 35 cm, sculpture in clay

Though not a painting, I add it here - the only remaining sculpture of the 2 or 3 sculptures in clay I did during the Rudolf Steiner School teacher training in 1983/84. This one survived, since I gave it as a present to my late mother. I found it around Christmas 2011 in the attic of the house of my old family, where I took this picture.