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Spiritual Hierarchy 6 - The Ascent

August 1987, 171 x 46 cm, acrylics on pressboard

This painting can be seen as part of this series on "Spiritual Hierarchy", but it is also the last of 3 paintings in the same format and technique done in 1987 on the backside of a pressboard of a wardrobe fallen apart ("Shaking" and "Light over the City")

At the bottom of the picture, you see a nuclear plant in red, with a car and people, skyscrapers and the symbol of the Eiffel tower which you also encounter on the two other pictures - symbol of mundane striving towards outer heights. The nuclear plant is a symbol of the threat of modern life - Chernobyl was in 1986. The people in red stand for the hectic rush of today's life, keeping people in the treadmill of money-making, not leaving time for an orientation towards the inner worlds.

In the background you see a straight upward rainbow bridge surrounded by a light-blue sky - the way-up into the subtle worlds. A young couple ascends to the lighted path, where there are already several groups on the way to the high gate, and the path merges into the light.

The great figure of the World Teacher shows the direction, surrounded by a huge aura of radiant light. On the top you see the snowy mountain peaks of the Himalayas, where the Spiritual Hierarchy has its seats - and the vastness of the dark-blue sky opens the view to infinity. So you see in the picture different planes of ascent.


Spiritual Hierarchy 5 - The Brotherhood

August 1988, 73 x 70 cm, acrylics on pressboard

This painting of a later time is in the line of the Spiritual Hierarchy paintings and so I have added it to this series. (See also the painting of 1990: The Spiritual Hierarchy). Here you see the downpour of light from higher circles through the World Teacher and the brotherhood of the Masters of Wisdom, standing in firm unity to keep the demonic energies, which are trying to draw humanity into an abyss, in check. You see the World Teacher in a blessing position. Above his head, there is a white eagle, symbol of the spirit, and in front of his hands, there is a white dove, symbol of love and peace. From the dove streams of light emanate to strengthen the brotherhood, holding each other's hands and thus forming a demarcation line beyond which the energies of darkness cannot pass.

Below you see in the centre, the head of a reddish serpent / dragon, the kundalini energy fallen into matter. Its mouth is open, and a ray from above falls into it. The head comes out of an abyss into which fiery human figures are drawn. Along the borders you see structures of a city disappearing and humans standing between light and darkness. In the background of the picture, there is the horizon of the globe merging into the vastness of the dark blue sky. There is a strong contrast between the calmness of the upper part and the dramatic situation in the lower - reflecting a state of our world's affairs.


The White Brotherhood

1990, acrylics on pressboard

Since the mid-70s when I came to know about the White Brotherhood and the Masters of Wisdom, there was a deep longing to know more about them and to work for them. They are the guiding light throughout all the years.


Spiritual Hierarchy 1 - The Assembly

18 November 1981, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

In this first of five paintings on Spiritual Hierarchy, you see in the upper part the Divine Eye surrounded by concentric circles emanating from the white centre; so this painting also belongs to the “Divine Eye” series. There are 5 flames above the eye like a crown of fire. From the centre of the eye, a triangle is projected downward, manifesting in the form of a pyramid. A downpour of light enters into a smaller triangle / pyramid, which has a white opening surrounded by a fiery aura. It is like a vagina or the divine eye in a vertical form, resembling the pyramid in the painting "Sons of Light 3 - Meeting". There is a connection between the two spheres, where you see the rainbow bridge, the colourful veil of the Mother of the World. In the centre of the picture, you see a path of white light leading to the fiery pyramid, drawing the observer's eye inside and upwards to the point from where the energy is pouring down. The space opening before the pyramid is surrounded by an assembly of 24 drop-like flames, reminding of the biblical 24 Elders before the Throne. It also hints at the assembly of the Dhyani Buddhas in deep meditation around Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the Planet, gathered at Shamballa, in the ethers of Gobi Desert.


Spiritual Hierarchy 2 - The Birth of Hierarchy

09 December 1981, A 4, liquid glazing paint and golden colour on paper

This picture shows the Divine Eye at the top and golden and golden-yellow rays emanating from its circumference, as well as the rainbow of the veil of the Mother of the World - the layers of creation. It is in a way the continuation of the first picture of this series.

The rays don't radiate out, but surround and hold the creation. The rainbow now forms a vessel-like space, also called an argha (ark) which holds the creation. There you see the shades of blue emerging from the background.

In the centre, you see a downpour of light from the one eye, and in the flow you see eyes and flames coming up - the One Eye becomes many eyes, many centres of light; the one Monad becomes many monads. They are the light-bringers, the guiding lights, observing and nurturing the beings on the path, to uplift them and to show them the way. So this is the birth of Spiritual Hierarchy - the Masters of Wisdom being the incarnations of Light.

Like the first painting of this series, this one is also an expression of the Divine Eye series. It is the last one of these fiery paintings of 1981. The quality of colours changes with the following pictures of 1982.


Spiritual Hierarchy 3 - The Masters of Wisdom

14 June 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint, inks and fast glue on paper

From out of the Sun, there come the Sons of Light, the Masters of Wisdom. The Sun in us is the Ajna centre or the Third Eye, the seat of the individualised consciousness, the I AM - the universal soul becoming the individual soul. A Master of Wisdom is someone who has established this link-up and thus is a channel for the Light to enter and to enlighten the souls seeking the path. Here you see 9 figures coming out of the Spiritual Sun, which is the Divine Eye in the background, the Light beyond the Sun. The 9 are like one, they form a unity, though they appear to be separate beings.

On both sides, you see Deva / Angel figures, with the "drop" of the universal soul inside and an aura of radiance around the head in transparent blue.

The paintings of this period in 1982 don't show the intense fire of the first period anymore. The colours, still luminous, are becoming darker; they are the harbingers of a big crisis I had to master in the coming months.

While living at that time in the headquarters of the German TM movement, I experienced approaching in the form of a person who introduced herself to me with the words: "We know us from a previous incarnation". And the turbulences ensuing the next few months abruptly changed the direction of my life. You might sense this undercurrent in these paintings.


Spiritual Hierarchy 4 - Arrival

24 March 1982, A 4, liquid glazing paint, inks and fast glue on paper

There is an age-old knowledge that in times of crisis a Divine incarnation comes to establish the Law on earth once again. In the Bhagavad Gita (IV 7-8), over 5000 years old scripture, Lord Krishna says: "Whenever there is a withering of the law and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself. For the salvation of the righteous and the destruction of those that do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law, I come to birth age after age."

In other teachings there is an expectation of the return of the Christ, of the Iman Madhi or of the Kalki Avatar.

This picture shows the arrival of the Avatar sitting on the "Clouds of Heaven" in a calm meditation posture above a stream of fiery energy falling down onto a world in fire, purifying it from the debris of the old world. He is surrounded by a host of devas / angels appearing on the dark blue background.

The Paintings "Spiritual Hierarchy 5 – The Brotherhood", " Spiritual Hierarchy 6 – The Ascent" and „Spiritual Hierarchy 7 – Service of the Logos“ are published at an earlier place.


Spiritual Hierarchy 7 - Towers of Light

31 December 1981, A 4, liquid glazing paint on paper

This picture is a symbolic representation of the Spiritual Hierarchy as towers of light for humanity.

“White is the absence of all colours, and therefore no colour; black is simply the absence of light, and therefore the negative aspect of white. The seven prismatic colours are direct emanations from the Seven Hierarchies of Being, each of which has a direct bearing upon and relation to one of the human principles, since each of these Hierarchies is, in fact, the creator and source of the corresponding human principle. Each prismatic colour is called in Occultism the “Father of Sound” which corresponds to it; Sound being the Word, or the Logos, of its Father-Thought.”