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Sagittarius – Seven Seers and Seven Layers of Consciousness

11 August 2016, pencils and photo work

The Eastern wisdom describes seven working intelligences in creation which exist as seven principles on the cosmic plane. They are called the Seven Seers / Rishis or Seven Judges. They have incarnated as the seven stars of the Great Bear and have externalised as seven rays. This principle also expresses on earth as seven great sages, as seven layers of consciousness and as the seven energy centres of the human body.

Spiritual Astrology explains that Sagittarius is the sign of judgement and that the seven judges are related to this sign. Sagittarius is the sign of aspiration to noble goals where the spiritual student dreams of becoming seer whose plans are one with the cosmic plan.

At the start of this image, I worked on a photo of the Great Bear. Seven rays in the colours corresponding to the related Seven Seers come down to earth. There, the Seven Rishis are depicted as seven flames, which I superimposed on the shape of the Earth. One of the flames is radiating in a human silhouette, where a line in rainbow colours represents the seven centres. The silhouette is standing on a radiant blueish sphere, looking to the Earth. The globe, surrounded by a subtle aura, appears like the pupil of a great seer. The image has a background of blue, the colour of Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius.


Sagittarius – The Upward Journey

04 August 2015, pencils and photo work

The archer with bow and arrow is the symbol of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fiery sign related to long journeys and, on the spiritual path, to the journey towards higher states of consciousness. The key-note is setting a goal and striving with focused attention. The central channel of the spine, the sushumna, is regarded as the seat of self-consciousness; it is the arrow in us. In Eastern symbolism the sacred sound OM stands for the bow with its string. You set yourself as an arrow on the bow and you string it by withdrawing deep within. With a stable mind you then shoot the arrow upwards. This is the upward journey of the soul.

Meditating on the image of the month, I saw the lighted central column with the energy moving upward through the centres. I depicted the archer by the outline of the golden etheric body with the hands not holding the bow but raised to protect the heart. I placed the symbol of the OM at the front. As a point of departure for the bow I transformed the crescent of the earth from a NASA photo symbolising the ascent beyond material consciousness. The rising flames stand for the fiery aspiration, and from above blessings descend from higher spheres via the head centre.


Sagittarius – Fiery Alignment

08 August 2014, pencils and photo work

Sagittarius is the fiery sign of the archer, symbol of single-minded attention. It teaches us to direct all our forces to one purpose, the goal of our life. On the spiritual path, the bow and arrow stand for the meditative discipline of lifting up the energies to the higher centres and to align one’s own will to the divine Will.

For the visualisation of the divine Will, I chose a representation of the Lord of the Divine Will: I took the face of a statue of Shiva on the banks of the River Ganges in Rishikesh, India. I cleared other symbolisms from it and placed a bow and an arrow over the bust. With the help of photos of the sun and of a lotus I created the Sahasrara, the thousand-petalled lotus over the head, the target of the alignment, the connection to the higher worlds.

For the string and the lower part of the bust I created shapes of bluish flames, expressing the electric tension of the fiery alignment. I emphasized it by intensifying the colours.


Sagittarius – Pre-Dawn Meditation

3 August 2013, pencils and photo work

The two hours before dawn are considered to be most propitious for deep contemplation, where the awareness can easily link to the subtle planes. At this time nature prepares the new day and we can receive plenty of vital energy. In the annual cycle, Sagittarius is said to be the "two hours before dawn” and very beneficial for the spiritual aspirants.

For the painting I took a photo of a pre-dawn sky taken from an airplane I fused two photos of wooden and ceramic statues of Buddha. I placed the figure into the centre of the structure of a double pyramid surrounded by a circle. It is the symbol of transformation, a diamond enabling protection of the meditator, of a group, a nation or even the globe. It is also called a temple, from where positive energies spread out and help to reorganise the subtle matter. The diamond stands for the four cardinal points of the day and of the year, the Midheaven (MC; Medium Coeli) and the Nadir (IC, Imum Coeli).
In the centre I placed the lotus of the heart centre surrounded by golden light. The lotus is formed by different layers of radiant light. I took a photo of prismatic reflections on the walls of my home office and constructed the central column from the base centre to the head and beyond. Around and above the head you see an aura of vital energies in different shades of violet penetrating the space.


Sagittarius – Kalki, The Rider on the White Horse

05 August 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

In the Eastern Puranas Kalki is described as the 10th Avatar who comes to close the Dark Age. We see him riding on a white horse, symbol of the purified energy of life. From above the mountains white eagles are coming down, messengers of the spirit.


Sagittarius: The Tree of Wisdom and the Waters of Life

03 September 2011, pencils, crayons and photo work

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, representing the teacher and the search for wisdom. In the Eastern teachings the cosmic Jupiter is symbolised by Ganesha, the elephant-headed God, the incarnation of divine wisdom. The principle of the Teacher on the cosmic plane is Lord Dattatreya, the higher potency of Lord Maitreya, who is worshipped as the world teacher. Dattatreya is illustrated as a youth with 3 heads. The tree related to Jupiter, wisdom and meditation, is the Ficus Religiosa.

I started with a photo of a statue of Ganesha reading a book of wisdom. Behind him there is the trunk of a Ficus Religiosa. In its crown there are the three heads of Lord Dattatreya. Above you see the eyes of Lord Narayana. Looking into these magical eyes leads you to the inner dimensions. The brilliance of the higher energies is visualised in the white flame between the eyes, hinting at the third eye, the divine opening.

I created with crayons the movements of the ascending and descending etheric flow and the flames surrounding the heads of Dattatreya. I was fascinated by the innocence of the childlike looks that are full of divine peace and radiance.

As for Lord Ganesha, he seems to enjoy sitting there under the Ficus tree and reading the book of eternal wisdom. Everything is a part of the flowing movements and the mystery of Creation.


Sagittarius – Shooting up, Pouring down

9 October 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, symbolising the spiritual aspiration of our soul striving to shoot up and reach the goal. We carry the bow and arrow in us: the spine is the arrow, the arc of the bow is the line of the eyebrows - where you find the Brow Centre, the highest point of personality consciousness. From there you can lift up to the Ajna Centre at the middle of the forehead, the seat of the soul, and from there you can lift up further beyond. It is said that intonating the OM is like drawing back the arrow on the bow to the utmost point to shoot up high.

The picture shows the figure of Master MN, a fiery Master, who worked much in the background. The arrow shoots up to the higher spheres, from where streams of energy pour down to the lower planes bringing light and upliftment.

At the top right corner you find the symbol of Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, and at the left corner the symbol of Mars, the planet of fiery aspiration.