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Aries - Permeation

12 December 2016, pencils and photo work

The ancient Vedic seers described profound wisdom with the help of symbols. They saw the manifestation of a new creation as coming out of a Golden Egg and permeating the different dimensions of space. They visualised the beginning of a new cycle with the story of how the head of the proud Daksha was cut and replaced by the head of a ram, the symbol of Aries, the power of stepping forth and penetrating. They further took the horse as a symbol for the life force and they saw Aries as the head of the horse. The sunrays, the transmitter of life force, are called horses and the seven rays are seen as seven horses drawing the chariot of the sun. The sunrays are understood as permeating space, being at the same time present in the Sun, on Earth and in between.

The image slowly developed while meditating on these symbols and qualities for several days. I took the ram head from the photo of a fountain in the old city of Berne. I placed it into a circle of twelve suns and created a sphere with the seven spectral colours on a starry background of space. In the middle of the circle I placed an egg-shaped form out of which light permeates – a symbol for the Primordial Deep, Aditi, the Mother, which gives birth to the devas, beginning with the Sun-god.

At the lower part of the image I created a fiery sphere around the Sun and I placed seven white horseheads and I added to their heads flames in the colours of the seven rays. I created the horseheads with the help of a Wikipedia photo by “Aleph” showing the Brandenburg Gate Quadriga in Berlin at night.


Aries –The Three Great Fires and the Cosmic Kundalini

16 December 2015, pencils and photo work

The three fiery signs of the zodiac – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – are described as three fires. The cosmic or electric fire is the spirit, the pure energy. It expresses through the solar fire, the energy of the soul, and then through the terrestrial fire by friction or the visible expression of the energy. Before the energy consolidates into the star dust to form stars and solar systems the Eastern scriptures call it the great serpent Ananta, the cosmic Kundalini. It is identified with the constellation of the Dragon and described as moving on the great ocean of milk, the immense ocean of solar globes in various stages of formation.

I visualised the three great fires as three suns using the photo of a sunrise over the Mediterranean. The fiery globes are connected by a downpour of light, where the lower receives from the higher and distributes the light in its turn.

I constructed the serpentine movement of the cosmic Kundalini spiralling through the various planes of creation with the help of elements from a photo of a ring galaxy. The head of the serpent is above and the tail in the lower sphere. It moves around the three fiery centres and creates the matrix for the further consolidation to the visible universe.


Aries – The Ruler of the Solar Dynasty

14 December 2014, pencils and photo work

The earliest legends of the history of India mention two dynasties, the “race of the Sun” and the “race of the Moon”. The Solar Dynasty of the “Sons of the Sun” was the first ray royal dynasty, to which Lord Rama belonged. Master Morya, who is of fiery nature, belongs to the Solar Dynasty and is its last representative. He is the Master of the sun sign Aries and represents the Fire on our planet.

For this painting I used the photo of a huge solar eruption and one of the crescent earth to symbolize the descent of the Sons of the Sun onto our planet. In the background I created the path of descent and spheres of blue and red indicating the process of reception.

At the bottom I placed a picture of Master Morya and merged two crowns for his headwear, with a solar disc in the background.


Aries – The Birth of a Butterfly

26 November 2013, pencils and photo work

Aries opens the astrological year and stands for the birth of spiritual man. It also symbolises the birth-place of an idea, of a spiritual impulse taking to a form.

The butterfly is a symbol of the soul. Just like the caterpillar is totally different from the chrysalis, the butterfly emerging out of it is again a totally different state: its light movements make it difficult to believe that such a being comes forth from the previous states.

In this painting I tried to illustrate the state of transformation we go through on our way to spiritual birth: you see a human head like a cocoon from out of which emerges a being of light with wings like a butterfly. I constructed the head using different layers of a picture of myself fused with a picture of Master CVV. In front of the head you see the merged pictures of an enlarged empty cocoon, a chrysalis with the butterfly still inside, and a butterfly just emerging – pictures of a Plain Tiger from an Indian friend. There is another butterfly in front of the head, like emerging out of it, and other ones are seen flying into the vastness of space.


Aries – The Birth of a Diamond

30 November 2012, pencils, crayons and photo work

This image illustrates the enormous pressure of today’s society, which can cause a transformation process. I visualised it with a volcano, symbol of throwing out matter from the inside through a fiery process of high pressure. At its top there is a diamond, as nature’s most brilliant result of a transformation process through pressure.

For the glowing magma chamber, I took pictures at the underground corridors and shopping passages at the central station of Berne and fused them together. Several volcanos and diamonds, together with a rose flower of an echinopsis cactus for the fiery flashes at the top gave the dramatic structure with lava flows and the “magma chamber” of the hectic everyday life.


Aries – The Mother Principle and the Descent in 10 Steps into Creation

20 November 2011, pencils, crayons and photo work

According to the Wisdom teachings, the Cosmic Person is the supreme God principle self-existing without mother and father. From there the Mother principle comes down and conceives the creation in her womb as her child. She comes down in 10 steps through 4 planes up to the gross material plane. The Mother is represented as a young lady, the planes are represented as spheres, and the10 points of the Pythagorean decade symbolise the complete creation. Its centre lies at the womb of the lady, the top of the triangle at her heart centre. She is standing in a lotus, the principle of unfoldment. In her inner she carries a form of Lord Vishnu, the Lord of permeation. There is a visualisation exercise where you imagine the Divine – be it Christ, Vishnu or whosoever –standing over the solar plexus and the meditator becoming one with him. The delicate figure of the Mother is standing in the area of tension between the seminal emergence and the tremendous power of the manifesting energies. She carries in her heart this tension between the delicacy and and the power of the presence of Vishnu.


Aries – The Fire of Life

04 March 2011, pencils, crayons and photo work

Aries is the most powerful sign, the beginning of a new annual cycle with spring equinox. The vital force is seen everywhere at work in nature. The energies of the sun bring a fresh impulse, and this is symbolised by the horse. There are seven rays of the one light, depicted as seven horses. You see them in the picture as coming out of a giant glyph of Aries which starts from the colours of dawn of the rising sun. Aries also rules the Head Centre, so you see in this picture the lotus of the Head Centre above the horses in radiant colours. Profound silence and highest dynamism at the same time are the contrasting elements of this image.



13 April 2010, pencils, crayons and photo work

The Wisdom Teachings explain that each year at the beginning of Aries there is a fresh new impulse coming from Higher Circles to be received by the Lord of the Planet, Sanat Kumara, and the sublime beings surrounding him in the second ether of the ashram of Shamballa in the Gobi desert. This energetic impulse is later, at Taurus full moon, handed on to Spiritual Hierarchy and their disciples to be further transmitted and disseminated at Gemini full moon to humanity at large, as a new vital impulse carrying life onwards.

This painting is done on a photo of the head of Master CVV. At the top you see the 12 signs of the zodiac blazing forth from the centre of light. The signs of the cardinal cross are forming the arms of the Swastika, where Cancer at the bottom is symbolising the descent of souls into matter. The nose and the eyebrows are forming the glyph of Aries. Through the nose, there is the down-breath of cosmic energies onto our earth. The part of the mouth is formed by Mount Kailash standing out high above the horizon. It is said to represent the head of Lord Shiva receiving the downpour of the cosmic flow of Ganga, the etheric waters of space.

The flames around Mount Kailash / the mouth represent the ashram of Shamballa.