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Acquiring a painting

All the pictures are expressions of spiritual principles / realities. I receive them and I give them for free, partly also as photo print. A financial compensation for the expenditures is welcome; account details on request. This principle of free giving is not possible with the big prints on aluminium dibond for cost reasons. Therefore, a price for an artwork is fixed together with the buyer as a financial compensation.

For your orientation: The amount of work for the production of a painting is 10-20 hs.

If you are interested in acquiring a painting, please send a request indicating the title of the image and a price proposal with is right for you. The price should not be a hindrance for buying a painting, provided the costs for printing and shipping are at least covered. Only the “Images of Synthesis” can be acquired. The data quality for the “Early paintings” allows only a very limited reproduction quality (print in small format).

See also: „About the paintings“, extract:

The digital data are … printed on a high quality photo paper, backed on 3mm aluminium dibond plates (with 2-point suspension and 2 spacers) and an UV protection coating. On the backside there is a paper with the title of the image and a description by the artist about the symbolism of the image and how it came about. The image is signed by the artist, confirming it as an original. This version can be acquired. It is the original in the sense of being a most precise expression of the artist’s work. However, it is not just one original or a limited edition. It is the artist’s intention to keep these originals available for the future and thus unlimited. Even after his death they can be produced as originals. This corresponds to the Aquarian energies which are expressed in the paintings and which cannot be captured by buying to limit them to “one original masterpiece” as the art market is used to have it.